Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine Reviews


Is it a Good Replacement for Sunbeam Tea Drop Tea Maker?

The Sunbeam Hot Shot beverage machine delivers steaming hot water faster than a microwave, and that’s just one of the many perks this little machine offers.


Users love the Sunbeam Hot Shot’s size and versatility. It can be tucked away in a tight corner, in a small dorm, or in a travel trailer. Weighing in at a mere 2 pounds, the machine is easy to ship, clean, and transport.

But don’t let its size fool you; the Hot Shot Sunbeam beverage machine just might become the most-used appliance in your kitchen.

Sunbeam Hot Shot Review

The Sunbeam Hot Shot beverage machine is very useful for busy people. It delivers up to 16 ounces of steaming water in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Hot Shot owners use it to quickly make coffee, tea, soup, cocoa, oatmeal, and even baby formula.

The Hot Shot has a very compact design, so it fits well in small spaces. The cord storage compartment lets you tuck away the cord when it’s not in use. Busy consumers will also appreciate the auto shut-off feature and signal light for added safety.

The machine’s price is arguably its best feature. Retailing for under $25, the Sunbeam HotShot is perfect for budget shoppers. Its slim price tag makes it affordable for personal use or as a gift. Free shipping is often available.

How Sunbeam Hot Shot Compares to Other Products?

The Sunbeam Hotshot is superior to Sunbeam’s other tea-making products.


Sunbeam Hot Shot
Hot Water Dispenser

For example, consumers often complain that the Sunbeam Tea Drop tea maker doesn’t get the water hot enough. This is not a problem with the Hot Shot.

In fact, the Sunbeam Hot Shot is so versatile that many users find they don’t need a dedicated Sunbeam tea maker or coffee maker; this small unit does it all.

Other brands offer hot water dispensers, but none really compares to the Sunbeam Hot Shot machine. Most have a much larger capacity, take longer to bring water to a boil, and cost much more.

Two examples are the Sunpentown Hot Water Dispensing Pot and the Panasonic 2 Quart Electric Thermo Pot. Both appliances sell for about $65, and are more appropriate for serving a crowd, not for small-capacity personal use.

Durable and Dependable

For such a small appliance, the Sunbeam Hot Shot beverage machines are remarkably durable. Some reviewers have been using the same machine for over 20 years.

The unit’s speed is also impressive. Though the official product description says it takes 1 minute, 20 seconds to heat 16 ounces of water, some Hot Shot owners claim to get steaming water in less than 60 seconds.

Health-conscious drinkers appreciate the Hot Shot’s stainless steel interior, which prevents potential chemical leakage from the plastic.

Finally, buyers on a budget love getting such a useful appliance for under $25 (or less at discount stores). They believe the machine is worth the price many times over.

Minor Problems – Breaking Buttons & Small Cup Size

Sunbeam Hot Shot
Beverage Machine

It’s not easy to find negative reviews of the Sunbeam Hot Shot. However, some owners complain that the power button breaks rather easily.

Others are disappointed that the newer models don’t come with a dedicated pouring cup. Also, due to the machine’s compact size, tall mugs won’t fit beneath the dispenser.

The Bottom Line

The Sunbeam Hot Shot beverage machine is an excellent choice for quick, personal use. It only does one thing, but it does it well.

If you need larger capacity or more bells and whistles, you might be better off with another brand or buy the specialized Sunbeam coffee maker.

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