Sunbeam Grills Reviews – Easy, Fast & Low Fat Healthy Barbeques


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The barbeque Sunbeam grills, with the company’s experience of over 100 years, exhibit a balanced fusion between innovativeness and customer oriented technology.

Manufactured by the leading old brand, the Sunbeam gas grill is widely used throughout the US, Canada and come other countries.

The company originated in 1880 under the name of Chicago Flexible Shaft Company that used to manufacture sheep searing equipments. During the off season, it used to maintain its revenue by manufacturing small kitchen electrical appliances, like Sunbeam Coffee Makers.

It was in 1946, that it changed its name to Sunbeam Corporation and transformed itself to full time manufacturing of kitchen appliances, bedding and other home, healthcare and utility items.

Sunbeam Grill Overview:

Sunbeam has only a few grills in its line of products. Some of the most popular grills in the list are HQ055A, GC7850B, HG3300, GC2200, BT5300P, BT6700, 7530 Rocket grill and RG12 Rocket grill.

Sunbeam barbecue grill is known for its taste locking feature that drains out the unnecessary fat and calories without ridding off the taste and flavor of the food.

Known for their fast cleanable and dishwasher safe parts, the grills offer a wide range of cooking options for great grilling of all sorts of flimsy and stout food items. The Sunbeam bbq grills are also highly affordable with their low price tags.

Features of Sunbeam Barbeque Grills:

Sunbeam Rocket Grill video demonstration

  • Both the indoor and outdoor Sunbeam grills are ribbed, accompanied by a flat hotplate. This combination offers a healthy way of cooking.
  • The special Super Sear feature drains out fat and the extra calories from the food, thus offering a healthy and tasty dish.
  • The Sunbeam electric grills have a standard of 15 heat settings for elaborate cooking options. Users can make use of these settings and adjust the temperature according to the food on the grill.
  • A powerful element of 2400 watts is cast on the hotplate. This gives the plate great strength of heat endurance, which makes it long lasting. Users will not have to replace the hotplate very often. The elements are completely cast into the plate for a fast heat up and even heat distribution.
  • Cleaning the heaters is completely effortless because of their non stick metal surface. The exterior of the grills is Teflon Platinum Pro coated, and are safe for metal utensils. Users can clean them with an easy swipe, with all the other kitchen utensils.
  • The flat hotplates are ideal for frying delicate food items like tomatoes, onions, eggs, pikelets, fritters and mushrooms.
  • The dip tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Users can easily slide the tray out and clean it in the washer with other utensils.
  • The grills are additionally equipped with a detachable wind or splatter guard for outdoor use. Sometimes while using a Sunbeam outdoor grill or indoor one, the heat sometimes dies out due to the wind. These wind guards act as a shield for uninterrupted cooking.
  • The washable components of all Sunbeam grill models are dishwasher safe. Users do not have to take extra care while washing them.
  • The handles are cool touch for easy and safe handling, making them suitable for even the nonusers.
  • The machines come with a minimum replacement guarantee of 12 months. Hence, in case of occurrence of any problem during this period, the company guarantees to replace the machine with a new one.


  1. Wide cooking area for convenient cooking
  2. Non stick body for an easy cleaning and glossy look
  3. Easy cooking of both frozen and fresh items with equal efficiency
  4. Wide range of cooking options
  5. Fast cooking for time and energy save
  6. Elaborate heat settings for cooking a variety of items


  • Users have complained about the ignition being dysfunctional at times
  • The flame sometimes goes low when turned on the highest heat setting
  • Using a safety device on a Sunbeam barbeque grill is sometimes tricky and quite confusing.

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