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Sunbeam Grillmaster is a series of versatile high performing outdoor grills manufactured by the infamous Sunbeam brand of kitchen appliances.

Widely sold throughout the whole of the United States, the grills are loved by most Americano families as a favorite patio kitchen accessory.

Even though the grills have efficiently managed to handle outdoor grilling and cooking for years, the series have lately become harder and rarer to find.

How to Maintain a Sunbeam Grillmaster?

However, even though aspirants cannot purchase a new Grillmaster presently, due to the scarcity of the product, those already in pride possession of one should know how to maintain it to make it last long. In spite of taking utmost care of the Sunbeam barbeque grill, the parts might show signs of rusting and tearing at times. Hence, thorough cleaning is very necessary after every use.

People usually tend to leave the outdoor grills outside after the backyard party is over. The exposure to natural elements of snow, rain, fog, dew, sun, etc. can damage the machine significantly. Hence, do not forget to wheel it indoor as soon as you finish using it.

Rust, apart from dripping and grease is the agent responsible for causing flare-ups on the surface of the grill. These flarups can cause the food to burn on the surface, even when it is not fully cooked inside. Time to time replacement of the grill parts is the only way to keep the grill going without complaints.

However, it is always cheaper to replace a part or repair, rather than buying a new grilling machine.

Most Common Sunbeam Grill Replacement Parts:

Even though the burners are made of stainless steel, they tend to rust due to the design. With time the burners wear out and stop providing heat and flames.

Other parts that need replacement commonly are the heat shield, grates, heat tent, I-tent and flame tamer, including some miscellaneous accessories like knobs, igniters, handles, fittings, hoses, etc.

What Are The Available Sunbeam Grill Parts?

Genuine Sunbeam Grillmaster burners are fit to use both in the Grillmaster series as well as other gas Sunbeam outdoor grills. The T-burners consists of venturi tubes and electrodes and work with a large range of models. The oval models do not come with venturi.

The Grillmaster cooking grids are porcelain enameled, as well as made of chrome steel wire.

Other replacement items are also available, sometimes with free shipping. Since the company production of Grillmaster products is not regular, these parts are available in limited stocks only in authorized stores.


A large number of online retail stores sell grill parts, but buying authentic Sunbeam Grillmaster parts is also a necessary part of maintenance. Hence, you have to browse through the Internet looking for bbq grill parts of the concerned model. It is crucial to know the model number and the measurement of the accessory you are looking for.

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