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The Sunbeam gas grills have received quite a bit of limelight. Sunbeam grills have been serving the residents of US for years and have become quite a dependable brand both in terms of efficiency and durability.

Frozen to fresh, the grills can cook all kind of food with equal efficiency within a very short time frame. But, with only a few models in its line, the company still have a long way to curve a niche in the market.

Sunbeam gas grill parts like the burner, venturi, warming racks, rock grates, cooking grids, gaskets, grill covers, heat tents, window glass, cook books, etc. are widely available at reasonable prices, over the Internet.

Unique Features of Sunbeam Gas Grills

  • The Sunbeam grills are equipped with heat control knobs for cooking at variable temperatures. Users can regulate the heat as required for the food that is getting cooked.
  • The knobs are very easy to control. They are specially designed to be safe. Users can control the temperature without worrying about the safety factor.
  • Most of the models have tables on two sides. These tables can be used to keep various cooking utensils for easy and convenient storage.
  • In a Sunbeam gas grill, users can grill anything from briskets to corn on cob in both frozen and fresh states, with equal perfection. Chicken, steaks, kabobs, hamburgers, fish, large slices of meat, frozen fruits, hot dogs, cheese sandwiches, veggies etc. can be easily grilled.
  • The metal plates that get dirty after coming in contact with the foods and food scraps are designed to support easy cleaning.
  • A gas grill Sunbeam is equipped with stainless steel tongs to toss, grill and secure the hot, freshly grilled foods.
  • They offer faster grilling than any average grill machine with spacious cooking space and steel lids.
  • The roll away wheels in every Sunbeam portable gas grill is another added feature for easy moving of the appliance. Users can easily roll the grill outdoor without having to carry it all the way.
  • The grilling pouches are replaceable and can be disposed off once the fixed one gets messed up.

Pros – Benefits of Sunbeam BBQ

  1. Heat controlling knobs for regulating temperature as required
  2. Grill both frozen and fresh items with perfection, for convenient cooking
  3. Grease away fat and extra calories for a healthy meal
  4. Lock the natural flavors and juices for a tastier preparation

Cons – Common Sunbeam Barbeque Problems:

  1. If the metal plate is not clean, the food might catch fire and the drained calories can mess up everything.
  2. The igniter switch of a Sunbeam gas grill breaks very easily.


With easily available spare parts and accessories, a Sunbeam gas grill can make a good purchase, but the sheer lack of models leave the buyers with little choice to choose from.

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