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The Sunbeam charcoal grill is one of the first generation of Sunbeam’s commercialized grills. Though primitive, these Sunbeam stills are highly preferred for their consistent performance even under heavy abuse.

Due to bankruptcy issues faced in 1990, the company has now cut down on producing charcoal grills, as well is some of its consumer products, like the Sunbeam water cooler and office dispensers. However, You can still find parts and some older models sold by Sunbeam distributors and resellers.

Unique Features of Sunbeam Charcoal Grills:

  • Sunbeam charcoal bbq grills can grill things like sizzling steaks meat barbeque, prawn and seafood banquet, sausages and chops, octopus and calamari without fuss, without compromising with the taste and flavor of the food.
  • Being an old fashioned product, Sunbeam barbeque gives people the primal amusement of cooking with fire and coal. They get a chance to work up the heating source for proper cooking.
  • Charcoal being the heating source, the heat emitted is hotter than that of a gas or electric grill. This enables easy baking of food.
  • The smoke of the charcoal gives the barbeque a special grilled and smoky flavor which is otherwise unavailable from the modern grill machines.
  • The machines do not require much assembling as they come prefixed from the manufacturer.
  • A bag of charcoal costs way less than a cylinder of propane and other fuels.


  1. Lots of space for comfortable cooking
  2. Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts
  3. Much cheaper than the electric grills that save a substantial amount of money
  4. Authentic barbeque flavor of smoke and flames in the food


  1. The distribution of heat is uneven, which needs enough care and attention from the cook.
  2. It takes a long time to grill foods in the Sunbeam charcoal grill.

Some Popular Sunbeam Charcoal BBQ Models

Sunbeam BBQ NBC1401 is a portable charcoal grill of 141/2” width. With a large cooking area of 150 square inch, the unit has a baked enamel finish for durability. The Sunbeam outdoor grill can be easily carried around with its convenient folding legs. The chrome grids are easy to clean with a single wipe and the air flow control adjusts even distribution of heat for good cooking. The model requires no tool to assemble as it comes pre-assembled.

Other popular models in the list of Sunbeam barbeque grills using charcoal include, C83366A, FC2694B, NBC1401, P2203, PC1406 and PerfectFlow.


While a Sunbeam charcoal grill brings in the true essence of barbeque in the food, you can also add some wood chips and pine cones to get the smoke flavor of the campfire. Since, the price is also cheaper than the rest and do not involve the hassles of assembling, it is still preferred over the advanced grills.

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