Sunbeam Bottled Water Dispenser


The Sunbeam bottled water dispenser was, at one time, one of the most popular in-home and in-office beverage devices on the market.


The company offered a wide array of models, including some that contained a small refrigerated storage area in the bottom of the unit.

While the Sunbeam bottled water cooler was popular, it did not last, and is now only available from private owners or outlets that sell discontinued items.

Of the models that were once available, the most popular were probably the Sunbeam hot cold water dispensers. These are very functional units that are still found in many offices, homes, and break rooms. The device uses a five-gallon water bottle that is attached to the top of the unit. Refill units must be bought separately.

While the stand-alone units are basically off the market these days, consumers can find a much smaller unit that the company is now offering. The newer, sleeker Sunbeam hot water dispenser is known by the name Hot Shot.

The Sunbeam Hot Shot is available at several retailers as well as the parent company website. There are two model numbers for the unit:

Model: 6170-33 (White Only)


Sunbeam Hot Shot
Hot Water Dispenser

The Hot Shot can be used to brew up 16 ounces of very hot water within a matter of seconds. The temperature is stable enough to be used for tea, instant soup or coffee, formula, and instant foods such as oatmeal or breakfast cereal.

The Sunbeam hot water dispenser is about the size of a modern coffee brewer and can be used just about anywhere. The unit is easy to store and easy to clean.

The second model-Model 6131-33-is the same product in black.

These small, yet powerful, Sunbeam water dispensers are popular for several reasons including their low price and wide availability. And, as mentioned above, the liquid is delivered within seconds, faster than a microwave, in fact.

For those who still wish to find a Sunbeam bottled water dispenser, some online outlets still offer them, along with parts. The exact model you want to purchase may not be available, so do be prepared for that possibility. Also, it is unlikely you will be able to get a warranty with these products, especially if they are used or refurbished.

As for refilling the units, this should not be a problem as most Sunbeam bottled water dispensers can accept the most common types of refill containers that are available today.


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