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You’ve probably heard about Style Snaps and about what they can do to your clothes; but you want to know if they work and how well?


I did research to help answer these exact questions. By the end of my style snaps review, you too will have the truth of the matter. 

What are Style Snaps?

Ever wished you could change the hem of your trousers or jeans so you can wear the same pair not only with heel but flats as well? Well, this basically what Style Snaps solve. Each “style snap” is a small adhesive strip that can be taped on to the inside of pant legs, lapels, belts and other types of clothes. After that you can simply fold the length to the desired length and it will stay in place after that.

It means you don’t need to go to the tailor or put in pins anymore and is more convenient. Furthermore there is no ironing, sewing, or gluing involved either.

The product shot into the limelight owing to extensive TV and online promotion. Favorable reviews have helped it to grow in popularity (see the real user reviews below).


Quite like the company claims, it allows you to change the helm of your favorite jeans/trousers in moments, and this process is completely and easily reversible. Apart from helping you change helms, they can also be used to keep ends of gaping shirts together, on bulging pockets, on unruly lapels, and to keep the ends of long belts in check.

Most users mention that the ease with which these snaps can be used is the reason behind their continued usage of the same. Another distinct plus is the fact that these snaps are reusable. That’s right, just as long as you follow the instructions that are included, you can continue to use the same set again and again. These instructions, by the way, are as simple to follow as ABC.


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