Style Snaps: Where to Buy This Product Safely


For those of you who have already considered Style Snaps, where to buy this product is another thing altogether. Read the rest of this article to find out how to avoid scams and stay safe in an online purchase.

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The Crooks Are Not New In Town

If this is the first time you’re considering an online purchase, you may be excited at the prospect. After all, buying over the Internet, while not a new concept, is still relatively in its infancy stage.

There are a number of ways to purchase online, and it depends on the retailer. For example, some websites only accept credit cards as legitimate ways to pay for your purchase. In this manner, you would have to enter your credit card details and then receive your product once the transaction has been completed. Others use a safer method and accept Paypal or Neteller, two online money services wherein you don’t directly use your credit card details for extra security measures. However, no matter how safe you assume an online purchase is (after all, websites nowadays use strict security measures and encrypted code), there are always some crooks who can get past the protection and rob you blind.

With regards to Style Snaps and other beauty products, a new method of robbery is done using third-party market sites like or With eBay for example, you typically buy products from someone else using eBay as the bridge. Once you make a payment, the person sends you the product. As simple as this seems, many are getting scammed due to their good faith, because some individuals either don’t send the product at all, or else send expired or opened material. Check out this poor lady who only wanted to get Style Snaps but ended up cheated:

Where to Buy? Only on the official site of course…

The victim above bought the Style Snaps from someone on First, she was overcharged because the standard price on the official website is only $10 for the product and $7.99 for the shipping and handling, which is way below the selling price of 35 bucks as claimed above. Also, it’s clear that it was a scam since the seller did not leave any possible means of contacting him/her should the product be undelivered, unlike the official website which has a customer service department. Finally, it’s a shame that not only was the product undelivered (if there was even a product to begin with that is), but the lady’s credit card information is now in jeopardy. Also, it’s unfortunate that she thought she

was duped by the official Style Snaps company, which ironically had nothing to do with this entire sordid situation in the first place.

If you’re ever considering buying Style Snaps, manage your transactions only from the official website where you’re guaranteed of a secure check out, timely delivery, solid customer assistance, and better sleep knowing your savings at the bank won’t suddenly disappear due to a phishing expedition on your credit card details by crooks. Stay safe, and always buy safe.

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