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I know you’ve probably heard about the new product Style Snaps and are currently looking for an unbiased review. However, there aren’t many reviews out there that give you both the advantages and disadvantages of the product, since most of them are only keen on selling and are hiding the bad points from you. That’s kind of the reason why I made this page.

After researching the product and reading other people’s reactions about them, I feel that I can give you quality information so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at this product in more detail shall we?

What ARE Style Snaps?

Ever felt frustrated because your pant leg was too long and you kept stepping on it? Or the length of your hem simply isn’t short enough to go with flats? Apparently, that’s what bothered the  inventors Kara Harshbarger and Melissa George. For those unfamiliar with them, Kara Harshbarger is a renowned writer and director, while Melissa George is a famous Australian actress.

Since its release, it has been covered by major TV outlets and various magazines such as People and US Weekly. Basically, they are a small adhesive that you tape on the inside of your hem. You can then fold the hem to any length you desire, and it will lock it in place. Basically, it’s the ultimate solution for those who wish to temporarily shorten their hems without the hassle of going to a tailor or using pins.

So how do they work exactly?

Okay, so how does this thing really work its magic? Well, according to the official website description, you are provided with a set of double-sided adhesive clips. You first turn your apparel or clothing – a pair of pants for example – inside out, peel off the backing on the strips, stick a pair of the strips on one side near the hem, and then another pair on the other side. Fold the hem to the appropriate length you want and press the fabric down to secure. After you turn the pants right-side out, the length will then be set. This process works just as well with bulging pockets, gaping shirts, long belts, and unruly lapels.

What are the benefits?

  1. According to their official website, they have been tested to work on any fabric and will not degrade the material in any way. This is important because we don’t want the adhesive to ruin our pants when we take it off.
  2. It can shorten the length of not just pants but other clothing and accessories as well such as belts, lapels, and shirts.
  3. The creators made the product externally invisible by hiding it on the inside of the apparel you want to shorten. This is certainly a nice touch, because I’ve often used safety pins to decrease the length of my hem a couple of times, but no matter how I tried to hide the metal, a small portion still sticks out like a sore thumb.
  4. Finally, the official website reports that the adhesive can be reused by washing off the debris that has stuck to it and letting it air dry. They report that this process makes them even “stickier than the first time”.

Is there proof it works?

We now come to the good part: does Style Snaps really deliver on its promises? Well, I looked around and got some user feedback from actual people who tried the product. Mind you, these are not the testimonials you’ll find on the company website; these are real, unbiased comments from discussion forums and retail stores like Amazon. Let’s see what these customers have to say:Overall, the general consensus seems to be that, while they could use a little improvement in its re-usability and stickiness, it’s still an excellent purchase and a much superior alternative to using safety pins to decrease hem length.

For your own safety…

If you’ve decided to do away with your uncontrollable hems and try them for yourself, I would suggest that you purchase it on their official website and nowhere else. One reason is that other vendors do not offer the same benefits and customer service that you’d get from the official company site. However, the major factor on why you’d want to purchase from the main website is that other sellers may be scam sites owned by shady characters who’d want to run off with your hard earned cash. You definitely don’t want that to happen, so better err on the side of caution.

Special Offers

The official website currently has a bonus offer. The regular set costs $10 for 16 clips. However, if you pay an additional P & H price of $7.99, you get another set of 16 strips for a total of 32. The website doesn’t stop there; they also cut the P & H price in half for every additional purchase you make, so buying in bulk will cost less than buying each set individually.

The official website will also refund the product within 30 days if you regret the purchase and decide it isn’t worth it, so you’re totally secure as long as you buy it from the main company.

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