The Stretton Payne acoustic guitar is a high quality full sized dreadnought body guitar with steel strings that is perfectly suitable for starting adults. It provides everything that is necessarily needed for a quick and easy start up. This starter guitar for adults can also be an ideal guitar for a child moving to a full sized guitar. The fret board and bridge is made of solid rosewood that helps to produce a better and enhanced sound and a nice feel to the guitar. It has a spruce top that is widely known to provide the best tonal wood for a guitar. The spruce top makes it easier for the D1 to play and make the guitarist feel like he is a step above the normal entry level. D1 guitars are made for beginners, but are also good to bring on a holiday for enjoyment.

The guitar is perfectly tuned and set up by a professional musician before dispatch. This gives convenience to the buyer and it saves time for beginners as they won’t need to be tuning it up. This guitar package is generally a high quality instrument set that is worth spending or adding a little more to acquire a kit that will last longer and certainly produce an excellent perfect sound.


  • D1 Acoustic Guitar

A good quality full sized steel string acoustic guitar that provides everything a beginner needs for a quick start up. It is very easy to play and easy to tune in and with the light strings that are gentle and kind to fingers, this guitar is a good choice for a start up.

  • Guitar Tuner

It is very simple and easy to use and it has everything a beginner needs to keep the instrument in tune.

  • Guitar Gig Bag

The gig bag has straps that can be attached to be use as a backpack to make it easier to carry along to school or to the guitar lesson.

  • Guitar Strap

This makes it easier to play the guitar while standing

  • Lessons

Stretton Payne offers a free guitar lesson that provides all the necessary information a beginner should and to help them get started

  • Guitar Plectrums


  • Item Weight                1.8kg
  • String Material            Steel
  • Number of Strings       6
  • Color                            Blue
  • Size                              Full Size
  • Product Dimensions    105x 51.4 x 14 cm

The guitar also features a solid Rosewood fret board and bridge. It has a spruce top that helps the DI play and feel better.

To expand its services, Stretton Payne has to offer and reach out people who want to play the guitar at their own time, Stretton Payne teamed up with Rockstar Academy to bring 6 months worth of online guitar tuition for free. The lessons provide all the necessary information beginners need to know to get them started. This lesson helps beginners have a quick and easy start.

Dispatch and sold by Rock Star Academy, this guitar package comes with 1 year warranty and a 6 months free guitar lessons.


  • The tuner is very easy to use and keeps the guitar perfectly tuned
  • Comes with a gig bag that has a backpack strap for easy carrying of the guitar
  • The package provides everything beginners need  for a start up
  • Offers a free guitar lesson
  • Very light and easy  to play
  • Light strings , it doesn’t sore fingers
  • 1 year warranty


  • Sometimes doesn’t sound good on 1-5 fret, but you can tune it up easily


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