Stihl Concrete Saw


If you are looking for a trusted and dependable concrete saw then the Stihl concrete saw will be a good choice for you. The Stihl concrete saw is know for its’ longevity and dependability.


When you are deciding on a concrete saw you need to know what you are going to be cutting in advance and know what kind of blade that you will need. The Stihl concrete saw can use an abrasive wheel or a diamond blade for tougher jobs. Different models will have different parts and controls so plan on knowing all the jobs you may be doing with the Stihl concrete saw before you decide on the model.


The Stihl concrete saw can be used for wet cuts and dry cuts. There are a few differences when it comes to these two types of cuts. When you are cutting masonry with the water attachment, you should make sure that the water is not running when the blade is not turning. The blade can soak up some of the water and cause an imbalance in the blade. You should shut off the water before the wheel stops turning.

A way to make sure that the idle speed is adjusted correctly is to let the saw idle and see if the blade is turning. If the blade is turning at idle speed it needs to be adjusted. A saw running at an incorrect idle speed can cause injury.


Many models of the Stihl concrete saw can be mounted to a cart to be used as a concrete walk behind saw. This will greatly simplify the handling of the saw and make it easy to do long, straight, sustained cuts. This makes the Stihl concrete saw cart a great addition to your saw and will help when cutting driveways, pavement, and sidewalks. An abrasive depth leveler is available as an accessory and enables a constant depth cut while making your pass. It is recommended to not go more thant 2″ deep during a cut with the Stihl concrete saw.


There will be a Stihl concrete saw parts list as well as a maintenance schedule to help keeping track of repairs and preventive maintenance on your Stihl concrete saw. The maintenance schedule should be adhered to so as to get the longest life out of your saw. You will also be provided with tips for when you start the saw the first time and how to troubleshoot common problems. The Stihl concrete saw is a fine machine, however, if anything happens to go wrong with it you are protected by a manufacturers warranty.


The engine takes a 50:1 gas/oil mix ratio and you need to use unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 90. If the octane rating of your unleaded gas is lower than 90 then you should use premium grade fuel. If this is not done you can get a pinging in the engine that will lead to it overheating and damaging the cylinder. Do not use BIA or TCW, two stroke water cooled, mix oils. Do not use mixed fuel that has sat for 3 months. Only mix what you will use right away.


You may have heard a Stihl concrete saw referred to as a cement saw although there are many more uses for the the Stihl concrete saw than cutting concrete. Depending upon the type of blade that you use you can cut a variety of materials. From concrete, brick, stone, metal, rebar, and other types of construction this saw will cut it. By adjusting the blade guard you can get into tight areas that are hard to reach.


Here I have tried to give you some ideas about how the Stihl concrete saw can be used. It will be a good addition to the other tools that you have laying around and this will most likey be one of your most used tools. The Stihl concrete saw is dependable, versatile, and long lasting, making it a very cost effective purchase.

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