Stiff Neck


A stiff neck can range in severity from a mild nuisance to a painful obstacle. Pain in the neck can originate from any structure within the neck, but it can also come from areas near the neck. Stiffness that also involves nerves may cause you to have additional symptoms like tingling or numbness in your upper extremities.

If you have neck muscles are strained or if you have inflammation of the neck joints you might be suffering from neck discomfort. There are various causes of stiff neck. If you are sitting with your head held in an awkward position while doing any activity, whether it is working at a computer, watching TV or reading. You may even be aggravating the problem if you don’t have a proper position while you are sleeping. A pillow that supports your head properly can help reduce neck strain. Exercise can be another cause, especially of the upper body. Stress can be another aggressor. Of course injury can also cause this stiffness.

There are some conditions whose symptoms include stiff neck pain. You may have a pinched nerve from damages discs, or if you have Arthritis. Meningitis and the flu share similar symptoms, although meningitis is far more serious. Both of these conditions can cause neck stiffness.

There are some stiff neck remedies that can help you feel much better. One of these is to use a pillow with good support. There are even special pillows designed for people who suffer from chronic stiff neck or neck pain. Use heat to reduce pain or stiffness. This can be done with a hot shower, hot compress, or heating pad. Place the heat on your neck for no more than 30 minutes, several times a day. Some sort of pain reliever can help while your stiffness subsides. You may also want to see a massage therapist, or if you can’t afford it, just ask a friend to give you a little massage. Any way to relieve tension in the neck will help get rid of the stiffness. If the stiffness is more serious, or won’t go away, you may want to see a chiropractor and a physical therapist. They can often manipulate your body to help relieve tension and they can recommend exercises to help relieve the problem as well.

Now you know what to do if you suffer from a stiff neck. The best remedy though is always prevention. Try to relieve the stress in your life as much as possible. Also, try to be more aware of the strain you place on your neck while doing various activities. Good posture will help ease neck strain. It’s easier never to have the problem than to suffer unnecessarily. It’s best if stiff neck muscles can be avoided. Of course, some of this neck discomfort will be unavoidable, but for this there are the above-described treatments.


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