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Technology advancement in steel chop saw manufacturing has lent users an easy access to undertake the cutting, chopping and reshaping of various steel products. These days, only modern steel chop saws are used for cutting boards, tiles and metals in workshops as well as homes. This product has virtually revolutionized the way different designs and shapes are made on work pieces today. A steel chop saw is quite handy and easy to use for all those who are accustomed to use such tools but can be dangerous for workers not skilled enough to handle these tools.

Some of the recommended top performance and best selling steel chop saw models:

ñ Metabo CS23-355 602335000 Steel Chop Saw

This steel chop saw comes with a 15 ampere and 2300 watt motor capable of handling heavy jobs. It comes with arbor size of 1” which is capable of handling several cutting and chopping jobs where high precision is required. It comes equipped with a blade that operates at a speed of 4000 RPM which makes it handy for the several jobs of metal fabricators that require lengthy and beveled cuts. It also has a pivotal lock guard for spindle and wheel changes. Further, there is an added feature of operational convenience because of its adjustable rear vice which can be opened up to a space of 9-3/8”. It enables the user of this product to cut the given piece of metal with a high level of accuracy and precision. This steel chop saw is also equipped with a wrench of the size of 17 mm mounted on tool base which further facilitates the operation of the tool while changing the tool wheel. This added convenience gives it an edge over other brands of this genre. The CS-23-355 has some unique safety features with a safety lockout switch provided with the tool in case of inadvertent start of the motor.

ñ Ridgid 42956 Steel Chop Saw Abrasive Disks

As the name implies, this is an abrasive metal cutting disc with the model name CM1450. It is small in size but extremely authentic and trustworthy product since 1923 and bears a symbol of trust for the professionals engaged in the task of cutting the metals, tiles, wooden figures and aluminum. This steel chop saw product cuts steel and other metals to perfection and accuracy.Thus, this steel chop saw is quite innovative and offers a number of solutions to multiple applications at the same time. It gives a lifetime warranty which is an added satisfaction to the professionals who have to use their machines daily. This steel chop saw from Ridgid is engineered maintaining extremely high standards of quality, strength and endurance.

ñ Evolution Power Tools FURY2 14-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

This steel chop saw is exceptionally handy for cutting steel, aluminum, wood and plastic articles with a single blade which makes it an all-round tool of four utilities rolled into one. It has 14” dia blade capable of cutting smoothly any metal piece or wood without even having to change the blade with the change of work piece material. It also comes with a powerful 1800W electric motor which can cut the medium to a cutting depth of 4.75” and a width measuring up to 7”. The most important feature of this steel chop saw is that it needs no coolant for cutting high density and tough materials such as metals. Its cutting edge is without burr and is hence clean, fast and smooth. It comes with an one year warranty

All these different enchanting models of the steel chop saw give accurate cuts and have added to the comfort of the user. Moreover, these chop saws are easy to transport, extremely durable and high performance modern devices.

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