Starbucks Coffee Grinder Reviews


Starbucks coffee grinder is one of the most eye pleasing kitchen items manufactured.

The grinders are completely painless and quick in grinding whole beans into coffee powder. Various styles of coffee powder for preparation in espresso machine, press pot, drip coffee maker, etc. can be made in an instance.

Starbucks’s range of products also includes Starbucks coffee gear. The gears consist of coffee makers and other related products like coffee mugs, coffee stirrers; men, women and kids’ apparel and lifestyle items like bags, accessories, sports, headwear, office, e-cards, etc.

General Features of Starbucks Coffee Grinders

  • Starbuck coffee grinders crush beans in the commercial style. Grinding the seeds freshly before brewing will bring out the real flavor of the beans in the coffee.
  • The burrs in the units are large cutting ones that cut beans efficiently as per the needs of the operator.
  • The machines offer a minimum of 15 grind sizes that range from coarse French Press to fine espresso style.
  • In spite of the professional size of the machines, they run at a very low 450RMPs that causes the least frictional heating while grinding.
  • The machines are very low in their noise level. As they run at only 450 RMPs, they produce very little noise. Users can rest peacefully while the machine runs.
  • The grinders are equipped with special controls that release the coffee into the grinder. Users do not have to pour the beans into the machine all at once.
  • Excellent grinding consistency results in even crushing and better tasting powder.
  • The machines have a bin seal plate for locking the aroma and essence of the coffee. Users will not have to take extra care of preserving the coffee.
  • The burr can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • The machines have under-cabinet designs that can be kept up for display all the time.
  • The grinders are provided with a brush with wooden handle for the easy removal of the ground coffee.
  • The motor is of minimum 150watt dc with a current consumption of 120volts.


  1. High performing and low power consuming motor for less expense
  2. Easily removable burr for convenient cleaning
  3. Automatic pouring that saves labor
  4. Under cabinet design for convenient storage


  1. Some Starbucks coffee grinder models have complaints of failing to turn on and off.
  2. Users have complained about malfunctioning of blades that poses serious laceration hazard.
  3. Some grinders turn on unexpectedly while cleaning

These malfunctions were promptly corrected and resolved by Starbucks when consumer recalls were made on all the sold grinders within 2002 to 2009 after receiving approximately 176 complaint reports from the users.

Owners were given replacements for the defect item from Starbucks that involved no amount of cost.

Recommended Starbucks Coffee Grinder Best Buy


Krups 3oz
Fast Touch Coffee Grinder
Check Best Price

Krups 8oz Black and Stainless Steel Burr coffee Grinder is a handsome compact unit with an 8 ounce bean hopper and a series of adjustable bean fineness. The front dial allows grinding of 2 to 12 cups of bean. The ground coffee gets collected in a removable container at the bottom.

The 8oz bean container is anti-static with auto shut off when the desired amount of grinding gets finished. The unit does not start operating until the lid of the container and hopper is in place. The Coffee grinder Starbucks is also equipped with an on/off light and cleaning brush.

Solis Starbucks Barista grinder is a decent model and is ideal for espresso coffee powder. Good for press pots and drips, this unit is very cheap and is a great way for first time buyers.

Other popular models include Baratza 8oz. Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder and Baratza 8oz. Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder.

Starbucks, in spite of the infamous record is still preferred by people for its high efficiency and convenient usage.

The company has worked hard after the Starbucks coffee grinder recall to do away with the malfunctions and to bring about both safety and performance to the users.

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