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Star Shower Motion Laser Light Review

Climbing up ladders, navigating rooftops, and scaling outdoor walls are all part of the decorating process for the holidays. But while many of us want to be able to boast a beautifully decorated exterior for the festivities, no one really wants to go out to do the dirty work.

If you’re tired of decorating your house for the holidays but don’t want to give up the chance to bring some holiday cheer to your home, you may want to check out the Star Shower Motion Laser Light. This device offers a light show like no other, with minimal effort and expense.

Of course, this might sound like it’s too good to be true. So we went in to do our research so we could find out whether the Star Shower Motion Laser Light could really meet those daring promises. Want to know what we found out? Then keep on reading.

At a Glance

The Star Shower Motion Laser Light looks almost like any other regular garden spot light you might have in your backyard. The design features a small shower head-like structure that can be planted into your soil via a stake, or set on a flat surface with the use of an interchangeable base.

Along the back of the device is a cable that connects it to an outlet, and on the top surface are two buttons that control the colors of the lights and the power settings. Overall, it’s lightweight, compact, and fairly simple in terms of design.

Bright, Beautiful Lights for a Stunning Light Show

When it comes to holiday lights, bigger and brighter are always better. That’s why the Star Shower Motion Laser Light has become such a big hit among lots of buyers. Although it only offers lights in two different colors – red and green – it does put on a stunning light show for lots of different occasions.

The lights can be set to work together for a Christmas colored aesthetic, and can be set with just green lights. Either way, the lights don’t dim out or die down, giving you a bright light show as early as dusk and all throughout the night.

Easy, Simple Operation Minus All the Fuss

It’s not easy putting up holiday lights, especially if you’ve got a big home. Plus, climbing a ladder and trying to traverse the outside of your home can lead to lots of different injuries, accidents, and even property damages that most of us would much rather do without.

So if you’re tired of having to climb all over your house just to put in those holiday lights, the Star Shower Motion Laser Light may just help ease your troubles. The device doesn’t require any hanging, ladder climbing, or complicated installations, so you can get your holiday lights up and working in minutes minus all the risk of getting injured or incurring damages throughout your home.

Turning the lights on and off and setting your chosen aesthetic is also as easy as the set-up process. All you really need to do is turn the device on via the dedicated power button, then choose whether you want motion lights, stop lights, red and green lights, or just green lights.

No More Dead Lights

Ever put up a bunch of Christmas lights only to find that some of the bulbs have burnt up or died out? It can be frustrating. Because the Star Shower Motion Laser Light uses high quality LED lights though, it doesn’t risk the same problem. Plus, the device only comes equipped with 2 bulbs, so you can be sure that you won’t have any dead lights once you turn on the device.

For All Occasions

Some people don’t want to spend money on a device if they can’t use it for more than just Christmas. This is why the Star Shower was designed with more than just the Yuletide season in mind. The device can be used for a variety of occasions and events, including Halloween, birthday parties, New Year, and virtually any other purpose you might seem fit. The lights can be set to just green, so it doesn’t just generate that Christmas aesthetic with red and green light combinations.

Finally, the device can also be used for indoor parties and even as a night light. Many buyers have purchased the Star Shower as an addition to their kids’ rooms, making it the perfect companion for different kids’ games.

Automatic Operation

Along the face of the Star Shower is a small solar detector that tells the time of day. Once the device detects that the environment has gotten darker, it automatically turns the lights on so you can enjoy hands-free operation. This is particularly ideal if you want your lights to turn on every night, without the hassle of having to walk outside to manually do it yourself.

Energy Saving and Cost Effective

It’s likely that you buy new Christmas lights every year because the ones you’ve kept in storage from last year don’t serve the purpose they should anymore. That said, it’s very possible that you spend hundreds of dollars on lights alone, just to give your home a festive touch once the Yuletide season comes rolling around the corner.

At a very reasonable price however, the Star Shower promises to eliminate the expense you usually spend just to give your home some decent light decorations during the holidays. The device is built with superior durability, with a completely weather proof body that can survive snow and rain. This means you can leave the device outdoors without worrying about having to buy a replacement when the weather gets a little too tough.

Pros of the Star Shower Motion Laser Light

  • Bright, beautiful lights can illuminate your outdoors or indoors with superior aesthetic appeal.
  • No need to worry about bulbs burning out and ruining your holiday aesthetic.
  • No hanging or need for ladders, installing the Star Shower is easy, safe, and hassle free.
  • Perfect for a variety of occasions, and is even ideal for setting the mood for house parties and gatherings with friends and family.
  • Energy saving at less than 5 mW.
  • Much cheaper than buying Christmas lights every year.

Cons of the Star Shower Motion Laser Light

  • Only offers two different light colors – green and red.
  • Unlike later models, this option doesn’t offer unique light designs and can only project dots.


With just two different colors of lights, and not much design to choose from, the Star Shower Motion Laser Light might seem like a poor choice for some buyers. But on the overall, the device does what it promises – and that is that it makes it easier for homeowners to fully decorate and light up their homes with a device that’s simple, fast, and cost effective.


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