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Star Shower Laser Light Review

In many ways, decorations make the holidays. So when those long awaited celebrations come rolling around the corner, we often put our best foot forward to bring an air of holiday cheer to our homes and communities. However, it’s not always that cheap to achieve the look you want – and neither is it ever that easy.

Fortunately, there are more convenient ways to decorate a space, especially that there are so many new innovations that aim to make it easier and faster. One of the most raved about decorative tools for the holiday that recently joined the market is the Star Shower Laser Light.

This small device can be used to start a light show like no other – from the comfort of your home and with little to no effort at all. So if you’re in the market for an inexpensive way to decorate your space this holiday season, the Star Shower Laser Light might just be for you.

Wondering whether this little device can really meet your holiday expectations? Find out with our comprehensive review.

At a Glance

True to its name, the Star Shower Laser Light looks almost like a shower head at first glance. The device features a blue body with a small colorful strip for aesthetic. The head of the device features two small LED lights in color green and red.

For outdoor use, the device features a stake bottom that can be used to set the Star Shower Laser Light in your garden soil. For indoor use, or for setting on a flat surface, the Star Shower Laser Light’s bottom can be converted to a standing base.

Finally, along the top of the device are three buttons. These control the colors of the lights, the design of the light show, and the movement of the lights. All in all, the design is fairly simple and streamline, making it ideal for concealing in your garden or for adding a festive touch to your indoor space.

Easy Operation, Minimal Installation Procedures

One of the reasons why the Star Shower Laser Light device has become such a major hit among buyers is the fact that it doesn’t require much in terms of installation. Often, we find ourselves in precarious situations involving ladders and rooftop navigating just to get our lights in place. This is why accidents are almost always more frequent during the holidays than any other time of the year.

With the Star Shower Laser Light however, there’s no need to put yourself in harm’s way just to decorate. The device can be set out anywhere in your home for easy, plug-and-play use.

Operating the device is another of its best selling points. With just three buttons and no other complex operation procedures, the device can be safely and properly used by anyone – including elderly individuals and kids who want to crank up the holiday festivities.

No Dead Lights

Probably one of the most frustrating things you can experience after putting up your holiday lights is finding that some of the lights are dead. This can take a serious toll on the overall appearance of your design, and even leads most homeowners to turning their lights off all season long.

The Star Shower Laser Light eliminates that problem by giving you just two high-quality LED lights that are designed to cover your home in lights all around. The red and green lights eliminate the chances of dead lights, and makes sure that your light decorations look pristine and perfect all season.

For Different Occasions

Halloween and Christmas are probably the two times of the year when people actually go out of their way to really dress up their homes. And with that in mind, the Star Shower Laser Light offers designs for both holidays so you can save on decorations all through the year.

Pressing the button for design along the top of the device allows you to change the projected lights. Two themes are available – one for Christmas, and the other for Halloween – so you won’t have to switch to a completely different set of decorations for different holidays that you celebrate.

More Than Décor

Lots of those who purchased the device don’t even use it for holiday decorations. In fact, most buyers leverage the Star Shower Laser Light as a nightlight and even a toy for small kids.

The device works wonders as a night time light because of the different movement settings you can choose from. Some light settings are soothing and calming, making them ideal for use during bed time. The lights can also be set to just a single color, to encourage your kids to drift off to dreamland with ease.

Some parents purchased the device to use as an indoor light show for kids parties. This works great because the device offers a variety of different designs that can suit occasions other than the holidays.

Inexpensive and Long Lasting

How much money do you spend on holiday decorations all year round? Plus, how much do you spend to keep them working throughout the season? No doubt, having to repurchase Christmas lights year and year again can be very expensive in the long run. Factor in the cost of having them running every night for an entire month, and you risk incurring more fees that you’re willing to spend.

The Star Shower Laser Light is an inexpensive option that costs cheap upfront, and costs cheap to maintain. The bulb itself uses less than 5 mW of energy, allowing you to keep them on all season long in confidence knowing you’re electricity bill won’t soar through the roof.

Pros of the Star Shower Laser Light

  • Brilliant, bright, and exciting aesthetics for different times of the year.
  • Inexpensive cost for purchase and operation, saving you much more money in the long run.
  • No risk of dead lights that often happen with typical light decorations for the holidays.
  • A variety of light designs and movements to choose from.
  • Can be used as a nightlight or party light for small children.
  • Adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cons of the Star Shower Laser Light

  • Only offers green and red lights.
  • The design of the body itself can be off-putting for some users who want something more discreet.


Aside from the fact that the device only offers two different colored lights, there’s not much else negativity to say about eh Star Shower Laser Light. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than other light decorations, and take much less time and effort to install.

Able to adapt to a variety of settings and occasions, you get much more out of this device when you purchase it. Ultimately, you buy yourself a decorative light show for all occasions – and even days when you just want to gaze at pretty lights in your own backyard.

So is it worth the purchase? In our opinion – absolutely. The device does a lot epseicially if you consider the cost you pay upfront. So make sure to check out the Star Shower Laser Light if you want to take a spin on the way you usually decorate for the holidays.


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