Star Night Laser Shower – Christmas Lights Review


Star Night Laser Shower Christmas Lights Review

With the holiday season closing in, people are scrambling to buy all the necessities for making their homes festive and bright. One of the main essentials? Christmas lights, of course! Each year, we spend thousands of dollars on decorations, with hundreds more allotted to lights that barely even last until the end of the season.

If you’re tired of having to repurchase Christmas lights year and year again, it might be time for a change. For instance, products like the Star Night Laser Show Christmas Lights are not easily accessible in the market, giving you a much more ideal solution versus those flimsy, clumsy lights you’re so used to buying.

Thinking about giving the Star Night Laser Shower a shot? Think before you leap into that purchase and take cues from our comprehensive review first.

At a Glance

Compared to any other laser light show in the market, the Star Night Laser Shower uses a much less flamboyant design. The device features an all black body with very few decals and designs. This makes it the perfect choice if you want a device you can conceal in your yard or garden so as not to disrupt its overall aesthetic.

Other than that, the device looks fairly simple. and resembles any other garden spot light you might have installed in your yard.

Large Area Coverage

You’d probably have to spend close to a thousand dollars to buy enough lights to cover the exterior of your home. And unless you’re willing to spend that much, you might find that to be a little more than you’d want to shell out just for lights.

The Star Night Laser Shower however, can cover a surface of up to 3,000 square feet which is more than enough to cover a typical home. This means you’ll need just one Star Night Laser Shower for your entire exterior, saving you more money not just for now, but in the long run as well.

Weather Proof with an Automatic Power Timer

Raining or snowing, but you still want your Star Night Laser Shower turned on? No problem. The device comes with a built-in timer that you can set so that the device turns on automatically when you want it. This means you can enjoy the light show without having to step out in strong weather conditions just to turn your device on.

Worried that your Star Night Laser Shower might not make it through the storm? The device was built with durability in mind, allowing you to leave out in the wet or cold in confidence knowing that it won’t sustain any damage for many years to come.

Lots of Light Movements to Choose From

Knowing that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to aesthetics, the people behind the Star Night Laser Shower programmed the device to allow lots of different light movements to suit your preference.

You can choose from 7 different light settings, select just one of two colors, or choose to have both red and green lights on. This makes them perfect not just for the holidays, but for any other time of the year.

Easy Installation and Operation

Unlike typical Christmas lights that require the use of ladders and lots of climbing, the Star Night Laser Light requires very few steps to install. The body of the light is attached to a stake that you can stick into your garden soil to keep the light steady. A long electrical cable extends away from the backside of the device, allowing you to plug it a great distance from your yard or garden.

The device comes with a single button for operation, allowing you to ease through the programs and settings with minimal effort. Now, compared to a lot of other Christmas lights on the market, the Star Night Laser Shower proves to be much more user friendly.

For All Occasions

The Star Night Laser Shower can be used for much more than just the holiday season. The device can be perfect for family get togethers, Halloween celebrations, birthday parties, and even just for those simple nights in the backyard when you want to relax and take a break from it all.

So unlike Christmas lights that cost a fortune and never really get used at any other time of the year, the Star Night Laser Shower proves to offer much more functionality, giving you greater value for your money than any other Christmas light you’re likely to buy.

Plus, the Star Night Laser Shower has been purchased lots of times by buyers who simply wanted a unique night light for their children, and the device has proven to be a hit among younger users who enjoy the dazzling effects of its 3D lights.

Cost Effective All Year Round

Aside from being able to cover more area than typical Christmas lights, the Star Night Laser Shower also uses much less energy. At less than 5mW, you can leave the lights to turn on all year round without worrying about how it might affect your electricity bill. This saves you more upfront when you consider the price tag on the light itself, as well as what it would cost to have the lights operational throughout the year.

Pros of the Star Night Laser Shower

  • Easy to install, preventing accidents, injuries, and damages that could occur with typical Christmas light products.
  • Timer settings mean you can turn your lights on when you want them, minus the need to go outside.
  • Much cheaper than other Christmas lights, meaning you can save on lights by saving them in storage for next year.
  • Different light movements make it easy to choose an aesthetic that meets your preferences.
  • Saves energy, which is ideal for households that want the benefits of holiday lights minus the extra expense.
  • Ideal for lots of different holidays, celebrations, occasions, and events, giving you greater functionality out of a single purchase.

Cons of the Star Night Laser Shower

  • Some lights might be dimmer than other lights.
  • Some buyers would prefer the option to have more colored lights than just red and green.
  • Doesn’t come with an interchangeable mount for setting on flat surfaces.


Although there are a few design flaws and cons with the Star Night Laser Shower, one thing is for sure – and that is that it definitely eases the process of lighting up your home for whatever festivities you might want to celebrate. So if you’re in the market for an inexpensive holiday decoration that goes above and beyond the usual lights you adorn your home with, then the Star Night Laser Shower might just be for you.


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