Stamina Inversion Table


The stamina inversion table is a very popular and common brand of inversion tables on the market today. Unfortunately, the company has had some issues with having to recall several of their models in 2008 due to a welding issue in the center of their tables.

Basically, the company had to recall 2000 of their stamina inversion therapy table and their stamina pro inversion table systems due to this failure. The specific model numbers that were recalled included the following:

For the Stamina inversion therapy table system: model number 55-1531; serial numbers 05NOV000001 – O5NOV11414, and 05DEC00415 – 05DEC000828.

For the Stamina Pro Inversion System: model numbers 55-1536, 55-1536A, and 55-1536B; serial numbers 05sep000001 – 05SEP000528, 06NOV000001-06NOV000528, and 07SEP000001 – 07SEP000528 were recalled.

Again, these systems were recalled due to a potential problem with the center welding on the tables, creating a potential falling hazard to users of the equipment. Fortunately (for both consumers and the company) no serious injuries have been reported as far as I can tell. In addition, it’s very comforting to know the exact model number and serial numbers that were recalled, which leads me to believe that you can still trust the company somewhat.

Although I would still probably purchase another brand of inversion tables just to be on the safe side (given that I really don’t want to fall while I’m relaxing upside down), there are still some models being sold that might be worthy of consideration. They are the

– This model retails for $250 (MSRP) but can be found easily for around $160. The table bed measures 43 x 19.5 inches, there are 3 different adjustment settings to control the speed that you rotate up and down, and inverts to the full 90 degrees. Overall, it appears to be your basic inversion table, with nothing special necessarily jumping out at you.

– this model is their mid-tiered table and retails for a little bit more than the base model, costing around $240 if you buy it online. Frankly, I don’t see any special feature that would make it worth the extra $90 over the lower model. The main difference appears to be a longer, easier to grab side handle, which would make it easier to invert and come back up to a normal position.

– This is Stamina’s higher end inversion table, and also comes with some pretty good reviews (5 stars by 4 different people on Amazon, so good reviews just not that many). This model is built more sturdy, with a better mesh bed for added comfort, and the ankle collars also appear to be built for added comfort, which may be nice if you think you will have a hard time adjusting to inversion therapy. The price for this model is just under $300 (again, if you buy it online), and seems to be worth the extra money over the mid-level inversion table.

– if you are looking to purchase an inversion table you may want to consider buying a stamina inversion table. However, make sure you don’t buy a model that has been recalled (this would hopefully only apply if you are looking for used stamina inversion tables), and make sure you inspect the quality before hand.


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