Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench Review


You may have been using a couple of different types of ab boards on your visits to your local gym; and you may have considered getting a high quality ab board for your own home gym.

There is a lot of research that has gone into studies on how strengthening your “core” can help minimize injuries, increase overall body strength and mobility.

Your “core” isn’t just your abs.  Your “core” consists of your abdominal muscles, your obliques and your lower to mid back muscles.

Under review is the Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench which is a medium priced ab board that has a few more features than the standard board, designed to target your entire core and much more. Every Stamina Ab Hyper Bench comes with…

  • The ability to work on strengthening your abs, back muscles, and core
  • A fully contoured bench and support pad
  • Pads that are adjustable to 4 levels
  • Two inch steel frame and undercarriage construction
  • High-density foam pads for comfort and support
  • Pivoting ankle pads
  • A foldable option for easy storage

The Stamina Abs Hyper Bench is a multipurpose bench that you’ll find online for between $140 and $160; and most companies will include the shipping in the purchase price.

We ordered ours from Amazon because of the fast and free shipping; and our Stamina Bench arrived in three days.

Assembly was quick and easy, and we had the Stamina Hyper Bench put together and ready to go in about 30 minutes from unpacking.

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench – A Versatile Workhorse

Stamina Ab - Hyper Bench - Photo #2

Once assembled, the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench is a strong, stable, and sturdy ab board with a couple of unique features.

It is rock solid, as it uses a two inch steel frame for both the underlying support and undercarriage. The welds are complete, and it looks nice with the dark gray powder coated painted job.

It has a fully padded bench that is very comfortable, and easy to clean with the wipe of a wet towel. The comfortable foam rollers hold the feet firmly in place when you are doing your crunches and sit ups, and there are also high density foam pads for your back, butt, and elbows.

And you have multiple configuration options for Stamina Abs Hyper bench. You can set this up for bicep curls with full elbow support. You can target your lower back muscles with standing, hyper-extension exercises; and you can get a full range of ab and core workouts.

You can target the full range of abs exercises by adjusting the bench into four different positions; from flat up to a full 30 degrees of decline for a real ab workout challenge.

And its space saving design insures that this ab bench will fit anywhere.

It measures 53-1/2 inches long x 27 inches wide x 28 inches high and weighs in at 44 pounds; so not only will the Stamina Bench fit anywhere, but it is easy to move around by yourself as well.

One other nice feature… It can be folded almost flat for storage. When in the folded position, it may not fit under your bed; but it certainly will fit in your closet.

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench – Problems?

We really like the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench as a useful, multipurpose ab board that is a welcome addition to our home gym.

But we didn’t like the vinyl covering on the padding. It seems to be very thin, and we are worried about the possibility of cracking or breaking after extended use (a common problem on these ab boards).

And it would have been nice to have an extra four or six inches added to the end of the board. If you are five ten or shorter, it won’t be a problem; but for six footers like myself, your head and your butt will be hanging over the edge.

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench – A Great Board for Multi Taskers

Aside from the minor issues mentioned above, the Stamina Abs Hyper Bench is a high quality addition to any home gym.

It is a rock solid, well constructed abs bench that is also versatile enough to allow you to work on your arms and back as well.

For the price, quality of construction, and versatility, the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench is a steal … And a nice piece of home gym equipment that can be used on a daily basis if you choose to.


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