What is a spycam?  

When it comes to camera equipment made to catch people in the act, there are several terms that get thrown around haphazardly, and occasionally incorrectly. Two of those terms are that of a “Spycam” and a “Security Camera.” Though these two terms are referring to the same basic principles, they do have their own distinct uses, as well as a different overall purpose. Though they are both designed for your own security (as well as to catch lawbreakers), the way they are used can be quite different. Spycams are great for making sure you catch something on camera, but security cameras are significantly better for your own security.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are, of course, designed for security. They are most often put in place to both ward off intruders/thieves as well as indentify them more easily should a crime or issue occur. Though the video that these cameras create is designed for security, the cameras themselves act as their own form of safety from intruders. Security cameras are often placed in extremely visible locations, designed to give any would-be lawbreakers pause before they decide to perform their illegal activities, knowing that their actions may be videotaped leading to easier capture.

Though much of the security comes from the video, the camera itself acts as its own method of warding off those that may do you, your house, or your business harm.


Spycams, on the other hand, have a completely different purpose. They are designed to be completely hidden, and tend to be used for one of the following reasons:

·        You believe there is a high probability someone is already acting irresponsibly.

·        You want them to perform the action again so that you can catch them in the act.

Unlike security cameras, Spycams do not scare off intruders, because they are generally invisible to the naked eye. Because they are secretive, people will not know to avoid these cameras (unlike security cameras, where their locations are well known and you can try to avoid them) and you will be more likely to catch them in the act. They are usually used to:

·        Catch cheating spouses.

·        Check up on babysitters/nannies.

·        Show employee theft by catching them in the act.

In some ways, those that use spycams want the behavior to occur, so that they can have proof that it is occurring. Spycams are never going to prevent a behavior, but they can be used to prove that a behavior is occurring.

Which One is Best?

If security is your concern, security cameras are always going to be your best option. While it is nice to know that you can easily catch someone that is performing an illegal act, it is far better to discourage the action from ever occurring. Though spycams are useful for those that are trying to catch a recurring action (for example, negligence by a regular babysitter), security cameras are significantly more valuable for preventing it. For the security of your family, home, or office, there is no substitute for preventing any security problems, no matter how valuable it will be to catch those performing them.


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