Sprawl Shorts


Sprawl Shorts

Sprawl shorts are easily the most recognized piece of fight wear in the MMA world today. Sprawl MMA gear is found on many of the best mixed martial arts fighters in such top promotions as the UFC and WEC. The company’s successful proliferation into the MMA industry is a combination of delivering superior products, and the word of mouth about such products among fighters and trainers.

Sprawl Gripflex MMA Shorts Review

Sprawl’s Gripflex series shorts are a 5th generation MMA fight short that adds unique “grip zones” that are made for gripping onto and securing holds. Sewn to the inseam of the shorts, this hi-tech, non-abrasive material aids grapping and makes it easier to perform finishing moves that would otherwise be too difficult to pull off in sweaty rolling sessions. Gripflex shorts also feature a lightweight 4-way stretchable material that provides the most durability and comfort. Unlike other MMA shorts, Sprawl’s Gripflex are made for wide leg extensions, such as when a fighter is in guard position, or when he is performing a roundhouse kick at head level. Whether you are primarily a Brazilian jujitsu fighter, or a standup Muay Thai kick boxer, Sprawl’s Gripflex shorts are made for fighting in any situation. The Gripflex series come in eight different color combinations for a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Sprawl V-Flex MMA Shorts Review

Sprawl’s V-Flex are known world over as the definitive mixed martial arts fight shorts. These MMA shorts are made from a heavy duty fabric that is able to stretch to a great degree. Furthermore, V-Flex shorts feature a unique super stretchable double-layered panel that you won’t see anywhere else. Special attention has been given to the waistband, which features a bi-directional adjustable drawstring that is internal and hidden from view. The V-Flex series comes in various colors and styles, including a split seam design that offers ultimate leg freedom for high flying kicks and wide-leg jujitsu maneuvers. Buy a pair of Sprawl shorts today!


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