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If you’re researching about portable inverter generators, then you most probably already know that it is the relatively newest design when it comes to the backup power supply. This is because before jumping into this variety, most people tend to look at the other, rather simpler types, making these types the last on the list. Of course, that’s not a bad thing. Especially since these things are quite complex, understanding easier options first is a wise move that can save more time.

So, what are portable inverter generators? Basically, they are compact sized generators with a great twist. Using cutting edge technology, these things can adjust to the needs of its user. So, for example you have a 2400 watt inverter generator, and you’re only running four 15w light bulbs totaling to 60w. Instead of consuming ton loads of fuel to produce the 2400w, these equipments will only use the ample amount of gasoline or gas to produce just the 60w needed.

Aside from letting households save money and energy, these things are seen as an eco-friendlier alternative to regular generators. As inverter generators don’t need to consume huge amounts of fuel if not needed, there wouldn’t be a lot of wasted energy. The idea of using up a smaller amount of fuel depending on the needs can be a great way to lessen the exhaust production, keeping the planet a little less polluted. It can also help people learn become more aware with the amount of energy they are wasting every time excess wattage is produced by their old generators.

Portable inverter generators are also very popular for their compact size. They are usually just really small and relatively more lightweight than regular generators, giving it more purpose. It can be the perfect residential emergency backup power supply, but it can also be lugged around anywhere, especially if your family loves camping and other outdoor activities. And since they produce less noise, especially when producing less power, they can be perfect for a night up the mountains as it won’t disturb the peace and quiet that you’ve traveled for.

One concern, though, about small sized generators is their capacity. Normally, they run up to at least 4000 watts, but if you need more, you can always run them parallel. This means that by just adding the right connections and wirings, getting an identical unit can boost the amount of electricity you can use. So, in case you have a 3000w John Deere inverter generator but you want to run an appliance that needs 5000w during power outages or while outdoors, then adding another similar unit to get up to 6000w can be the best solution for the problem.

Sadly, there’s also a downside to these wonderful equipment. One example is, they are pricier than regular generators. This is one of the biggest reasons why people pass up on the idea of owning one, because you can already get another unit with less the price of one portable inverter generator. Another sad thing is that you can’t really use it as a substitute to a standby emergency generator. Rigging it to work as the big varieties do is quite problematic and not really that easy to do.

However, despite the number of great things about portable inverter generators, it doesn’t mean that you can just buy the first unit you come across with. You might still want to consider your needs and other preferences, as well as getting the best value for your money. Remember that not all equipment are made equally, so trying to get the best for your hard earned money is still the best way to make a purchase.


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