Sportsman GEN10K Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator Review


A Generator is a great alternative of electricity in the time of power break down. The Sportsman GEN10K Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator is ideally made for home appliances in any such unfortunate situation of natural disaster or technical problem. This generator is mainly for the purpose of solving many problems you have had with your previous generators like fluctuation, noise pollution and safety risks etc. This is an APA approved generator and is found reliable for a home. Extra-ordinary smart features and high level output make this generator worth purchasing for home and also for some other power consuming machines which are not used at homes but jobsites. The rate of this surge 10000 watt generator is reasonable against a huge upshot.

Power speculations:

Power efficiency is the main subject that a purchaser must know about the product he is going to pay a huge amount for. This generator has 4 outlets of 120-volts. There are two twist lock outlets, one is of 120 volt and the other is of 120/240 volt built-in in this generator carving it to be impressive enough with power output. 12-volt DC terminal is fitted which is for charging the battery. The other specifications include 15-horsepower, 10000 surge watts, 7000 running watts, 4-strok OHV gas engine, 420 cc displacement recoil and much more. In short it has everything that one expects from a generator.


With heavy steel body and other quality material, this generator weighs 198 pounds approximately. Along with wheel kit its width measures 26.5 inches, length is 28.3 inches so far. This is an ideal size of a generator that can easily be placed in a normal area available at home for a generator. Not only that but this generator is also good enough for running all the necessary appliances at once in a home without producing fluctuations.

Fuel consumption and output:

With 50% load, the fuel tank of 8 gallons long for 8 hours. The starting function is of recoiling is there but it also gets started with electricity. The electric start needs battery which is not given with the generator. The oil capacity of this generator is 1.1 liter or 37.12 ounces. With less than 77 decibels, noise level is much lower than other generators of this size have. It has an automatic detector which detects when the oil is getting finished and at a certain point it stops working to prevent any disordering of the machine.

Easy handling:

198 pounds is obviously not the weight a normal human-being can carry or move easily. For this very purpose, in this generator, wheel kit is there which makes its mobilization easy and handy. Now even a woman and children can move it when needed.

Customer reviews and general ranking:

After all the verdict of the customers is what matters the most and this is the consumer who makes the product successful or failed. This generator is much appreciated by its purchasers and has been given a 5 stars rating by far. Also this generator is one of the bestselling product on amazon in a particular category. This is mainly popular because of its great feed-back from those who purchased and are using it.

Shipment criteria:

Shipping facility is also given on this item in USA except California. It can also be shipped to some other selective countries. It is specified that the shipment of this generator should be done separately i.e. not with the other items which are included in your order. Extra charges for this will not be taken.

Concluded summary:

The whole thing can be summarized in a way that if you are willing to purchase a problem free generator with no tripping mess, then this is the ideal one for you to choose. Its power efficiency and output is great enough to solve electricity outrage, making the least noise. Easy to move with a wheel kit and a safe and solid steel body. The automatic detection of oil level getting lower is there which stops it timely if the oil is below the line as a safety measure. A great response from other purchasers who are using it may also become the reason to take your attention toward it. This one time investment is surely going to be very productive in a near future.

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