Spin Spa Brush Reviews 2019


Spin spa review: Gentle and thorough skin care

Manufactured in Zhejiang, China, Spin Spa is marketed by Idea Village Company. The company founded in 1999, markets innovative products via its ‘As Seen on TV’ segment. Based in Wayne, New Jersey the company provides quality and affordable solutions to daily problems you face in life. Most of the products marketed by the company are very popular among consumers and include Micro Touch, Copper Fit and Finishing Touch. Spin Spa is one among the long line of products the company sells and is a unique skin care device.

Spin Spa shower head is a great device that helps in easy skin exfoliation making your skin clean and revitalized. It improves circulation providing natural glow and is especially ideal for cellulite areas in the body. Featuring 5 different interchangeable heads the battery powered device claims to be the ideal shower companion. Here is a detailed review of the product to help you decide on whether purchasing it is viable or not.

Unique product specifications

Spin Spa is an innovative device ideal for skin care that massages, cleans, and exfoliates effectively. The product operates by battery power and requires 3 AA batteries. It is water resistant and can be used easily even on areas that your find difficult to reach.

The product package includes a mesh bag that helps to store all the attachments that come with the product and a soap dispenser. The dimensions of Spin Spa include 4 inches x 4 inches x 13 inches. The product weighs around 1.5 pounds.

It is a ready to use product that requires no installation hassles. It can be used with any type of body wash or soap. The As Seen On TV product is made in China and provides pedicure, microdermabrasion and gentle exfoliation.

Effective attachments

Spin Spa promotes healthy and vibrant looking skin. It soothes achy and tired muscles with its spinning action and keeps the skin healthy and clean with routine use.  The skin revitalizer comes with multiple brush heads that perform several exfoliation and cleaning tasks. It is suitable for mild cleansing and exfoliating tasks.


The unit is light in weight and made of plastic. It has a long handle that is designed for comfortable grip. The sturdy device and long handle enables you to reach your lower legs and back without any hassle. The shower brush also has a soap dispensing feature, which is considerably effective.  You can fill it with body wash and use it conveniently without having to apply the gel every time you shower.

Skin care with Spin Spa

Spin Spa has five brush heads including microderm, massage, brush, cleansing, and pumice head. The microdermabrasion head of Spin Spa removes the dead cells in your skin, leaving it looking glowing and youthful. The cleansing mesh head also helps in exfoliation. The massage head improves circulation and relieves pains and aches in tired muscles. The pumice head is of salon quality. It makes all the rough and callused skin, smooth and supple.

Where is Spin Spa made?

Spin Spa is a, ‘As Seen On TV’ product marketed by Idea Village Products company. It is made in Zhejiang, China by JMC Manufacture Company limited which has its American base at Las Vegas, NV. The product has ISO 22000 certified. Idea Village is dedicated to providing the best customer service and good quality products.


Spin Spa has a money back assurance of 30 days exclusive of the packing and handling charges. Further tax on sales will apply, according to the location the orders are from. The company also provides good customer support, which can be reached at 844-467-9230. Alternatively users can also email to spinspacs@worldpackusa.com to take care of their queries regarding the product use, return or shipping of the product.

Advantages of using Spin Spa

  • The brush head rotates at slow speed eliminating any likelihood of damaging your skin because of overdoing and also avoids skin sensitivity.
  • Multiple brush heads with distinct tasks for each, help to take care all your skin needs.
  • The heads are easy to change making it quite convenient for use.
  • Cleansing head is ideal for cleaning your back, while pumice head helps to keep your feet clean and free of calluses.
  • Can be used with any type of soap or shower gel.
  • Has unit in which gel is stored, so you need not apply it to each brush separately.
  • Simple and ergonomic design.
  • Price is affordable.

Disadvantages of Spin Spa

  • Brush heads rotate too slowly to produce any deep exfoliation.
  • The massage and brush head are similar with only minor changes in bristle pattern.
  • Microdermabrasion does not happen as claimed by the product.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a low cost exfoliator of spinning style, the Spin Spa is an ideal product to purchase. The long handle added to the product ensures you reach difficult areas such as your back and lower leg region.

For those who suffer from prolonged back pain and flexibility problems, the Spin Spa is ideal. The five varied brush heads help to take care of most of skin needs and since it is battery powered and designed for comfort and efficiency.

Spin Spa is a good purchase to consider. if you are on a budget. For a more luxurious experience using a brand like Clarisonic will help a great deal. And there are other cheaper products like DB Power brush that serve as a good alternative at a less price tag.

Customer Reviews

Since Spin Spa has been in the market for over a decade now, it is a widely used product. Many users find the exfoliating effect very good. The dual speed motor, effective results and convenience of use are some of the positive points that users have to say about the product.

At the same time, the product has also attracted negative reviews including poor quality of material, and insufficient power in the device. And the device has a very short life for its batteries as they consume more power. Some users have complained about the top part of the brush being too heavy to use especially, if your strength is diminished or you have weak hands.


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