Special Application Cushion


Cushions are the most wanted in our homes. We feel so comfortable in cushions and in selecting various patterns and designs because they offer plenty of color and style to our living room, sofas, bed rooms and also garden and balconies. Although there is plenty of choice in the open market which sells cushions there are some good companies such as Roho cushions, which are outstanding in quality and price. But Roho cushions are not similar to the regular home cushions but these are specially designed for wheel chair community. For instance, if a person has a knee problem or spine problem or due to old age, if they are restricted to wheel chair, because of the constant seating in wheel chair, they might develop pains and this is covered if you use Roho cushions. Because these are specially designed as medical products only for the wheel chair community. Roho cushions provide comfort and release pressure and further the cushions can be adjusted to the movement of body of the client.

Some of the various types and models of Roho cushions are Roho hybrid elite cushion, High profile quadtro select cushion, mid profile quadtro select cushion, low profile quadtro select cushion, high profile single compartment cushion, high profile dual compartment cushion, enhancer cushion, nexus spirit cushion, low profile single compartment cushion, contour select cushion and harmony cushion.

Each person is prescribed with a suitable cushion according to the requirement and these are specially aimed to offer more comfort and back support for those who have seating problems or difficulty in walking. The effort of Roho cushions is quite evident in giving lot of relaxation and comfort to those who cannot move freely or walk freely. Especially old people always prefer to use wheel chair wherein there is good requirement Roho cushions. In this way, patients can find lot of relief from their regular pain and can even good sleep by using Roho cushions.

Going by the above discussion, it is quite evident that Roho group is paying lot of attention to aging group of people, who use wheel chairs for their regular movement. For those who are suffering from body pains or knee pains or joint pains or from arthritis can use Roho cushions for moving in wheel chair because these are best in quality and in price. With the growing aging community, it becomes very much necessary for Roho cushions to be made available for meeting the comfort of old people.


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