Spartan Shorts


Melee Fight Gear Spartan Shorts

Spartan MMA fight shorts are made by Melee Fight Gear, a company based in Los Angeles California. Spartan MMA shorts are some of the highest quality fight shorts available, and feature a host of smart design choices that allows for a fighter to give their maximum performance on the feet or on the ground. Spartan shorts are designed to last for years. These shorts will endure countless hard training sessions and as many wash cycles without losing their performance or style.

High Performance and Smart Style

The MMA apparel industry is rife with overnight startups that offer their own interpretation of what MMA practitioners and fans of the sports are looking for. You’ve seen these styles: skeletons, demons, bloodstains, gothic imagery and graffiti-like writing. To serious fighters, these clothing styles are a joke. They don’t convey the true spirit of MMA fighting, which is rooted in ancient martial arts and driven forward by modern science. Mixed martial arts is not a rap video, or a street gang, or some high school art project, but by looking at the sad state of MMA fashion, you wouldn’t be able to otherwise tell.

Melee fight gear is set to change this image by offering sensibly styled fight gear for real MMA fighters. They recognize that style is important, but too much styling or style taken in a fad-like direction is not what MMA folks are looking for. Instead, Melee has designed their Spartan shorts with technical excellence in mind, and it only helps that they’re also stylish to wear.

Spartan Shorts Design

Melee fight shorts are made with an incredibly lightweight Polyester Microfiber. This material contains many qualities that are a beneficial to grueling MMA training, such as its amazing strength, water resistance and the ability to breathe. Spartan shorts feature Stretch Polyester Microfiber panels on the sides and crotch. This material is similar to the rest of the short, except it has been blended with additional polymers for increased elastic properties.

Both side panels are double-stitched and feature dual split seams. This allows for the greatest freedom of leg movement, which is especially important for roundhouse kicks and advanced jujitsu postures. The waistband contains an athletic elastic that is fastened with heavy duty Velcro. Furthermore, concealed drawstrings ensure that the shorts will stay in proper position during even the most competitive grappling sessions.

Spartan Shorts Styles

Melee has produced the Spartan shorts in various styles to fit a large variety of needs. One such style is the Ranked NO-GI design. These shorts feature the wearer’s belt color along the waist and side of the shorts, which solves the problem of identifying belt ranking in gyms that have adopted MMA shorts in place of the traditional gi and belt. This style of shorts is available in all corresponding belt colors and is a great idea to introduce to modern MMA gyms.

Another style of Spartan shorts is the 10 th Planet Jujitsu Academy shorts that were developed in partnership with Eddie Bravo’s famous training center. These shorts feature the gym’s logo and name prominently in quality print.


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