Sparring Gloves for MMA


MMA sparring gloves

Directly borrowed from boxing and kick boxing, sparring gloves are an essential piece of MMA equipment for any fighter. Typically, sparring gloves are 16oz, however, larger fighters may use 18oz for added protection. MMA gloves suited for sparring will cover the entire hand, and unlike competition MMA gloves, they are not well suited for grappling because of this design. Sparring gloves may not allow for the fighter to grab his opponents limbs and perform submissions, but they will allow the fighter to strike his training partner at full, or near-full power and not cause significant damage to the opponent or his hands.

Sparring gloves usually feature a Velcro strap, which is different from competition boxing gloves that are typically laced. This allows for the gloves to be put on or taken off must faster, cutting down on time wasted between activities. Sparring gloves should feature an abundant amount of padding around the knuckles and thumb, and not so much near or along the wrist. Gloves that feature a long wrist extension are usually designed this way to redistribute weight away from the knuckles, producing a glove that is better suited for competition, where hurting one’s opponent is the goal.

A good pair of sparring gloves for MMA should be of high quality, and the padding should feature multi-layer foam to better absorb hits. The best sparring gloves are made by Winning, but several other brands are also very decent, such as Windy, Twins, Fairtex and Isami.

MMA Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are essential for regular training. Hand wraps add another layer of protection for the fists, which have historically been a major area of concern for fighters who favor striking. Hand wraps are useful for mixed martial arts practitioners, and can be worn under pair of MMA gloves if the gloves have enough space or are of the laced variety.

Hand wraps protect the hands by covering the skin and shielding it from friction that it would otherwise receive from being rubbed up against the insides of the glove. Furthermore, hand wraps occupy space within the fist and between the fingers, producing a solid striking instrument that is less prone to damage. Finally, hand wraps add support to the wrist, making wrist sprains less likely.


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