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How to Make The Huber’s Famous Flaming Drinks


A steamy hot cup of Spanish coffee is the perfect way to kick start a chilly winter day. Spanish beverage drinks can be prepared in a variety of flavors beyond the ordinary style. A warm mug of Spanish dark coffee paired with rum and crowned with whipped cream is simply a gift for the coffee connoisseurs.

It is not something that can be prepared everyday, considering the ingredients required to brew it up. But, the specialty of Spanish gourmet coffee is that, you have the liberty to go experimental while preparing it.

History of Spanish Coffee


Coffee actually originated from the Turk immigrants who came to Spain. Even though coffees were not actually grown in Spain, they invented the method of roasting the beans that created black oily coffee beans known as Spanish Roast. Also known as Dark French Roast, these beans make very strong coffees.

History says that the Spanish influence and contribution to the coffee industry are immense. In early times, Spanish ships used to carry coffee seeds and plants to the remote corners of the world where coffee was not local. Soon, it became the central hub of coffee growing. Successors of Spanish conquistadors started living in Southern and Central America where they grew large plantations for cultivating Spanish coffee beans.

Huber’s Famous Spanish Coffee Recipe

Huber is famous for the preparation of flaming coffee drinks. It is one of the best Spanish coffee recipes and creates a balanced cup of taste and flavor while only requiring a few commonly found ingredients. You need:

Huber’s Flaming Portland Spanish Coffee demonstration

  • Lime juice
  • 1oz 151 Rum
  • 1 and 1/2oz Kahlua
  • 1 dash of Triple Sec
  • Whipped cream
  • Nutmeg for garnishing
  • Glass full of coffee
  • Granulated sugar

The preparation of Spanish coffees takes a bit of skill and carefulness. You have to start with dipping the brim of the glass first in lime juice and then in sugar. Now, add the liquors and skillfully light it up with a long matchstick. Swirl the glass slowly for the sugar on the lip to melt. Next add Kahlua and coffee. Now, top the drink with whipped cream and sprinkle nutmeg over the top.

How To Make Spanish Coffee?

Step by step video instruction

Though Spanish dark coffee is best had with alcohol and other intoxicating liquors, it is not recommended to drink in the very morning before heading for work. So, here is the recipe for a simple cup of aromatic Spanish-styled coffee.

For this, you need some simple ingredients like rich, dark and thick Spanish ground coffee, thick or light milky whipped cream and a less intoxicating alcohol as per your standard.

Mix the coffee and alcohol together and top it up with a scoop of fresh cream. You can also add hot water to avoid intake of concentrated liquor. This will taste refreshing as well as it won’t harm your bodily balances.

You ca also try the same recipe with Spanish vanilla beans for a different essence.

Some Interesting Facts

A Spanish brew can be had in ceramic coffee mugs, cocktail glasses or stemmed glassware. But, it is best had in Spanish coffee cups. The cups are made of sturdy material that can hold the flaming drinks with easy without burning the hands of the holder.


Spanish coffee gift baskets can make a distinguishing present for the real coffee aficionados. The basket contained several assorted Spanish gourmet coffees along with biscotti, wildflower honey, cream-filled pastry cookies, vanilla creamer, chocolate-coated stirring spoons, coffee bonbons and other delicacies that can make coffee drinking much more enjoyable. The items come neatly arranged in decorative baskets, which can be used long after the contents are emptied.

Portland Spanish coffee is very famous among both locals and tourists. Portland is known as the Spanish Coffee Town. There is a large network of coffee shops across the place that serves authentic Spanish beverages made from coffee.

Adding alcohol to Spanish brews is an ancient custom, whether or not the Spaniards invented it.But, sipping into such a cup of strong coffee without having alcohol added is an insult to the flavor and aroma rich drink that they make out of their coffee. A nice slice of pie along with it can be too good to skip.

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