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Black & Decker, Mr. Coffee Pot & French Press Comparison

The compact space saver coffee makers are perfect for situations like when you have a small kitchen and can’t “afford” a space in the counter for a regular-sized brewer.


Of course you can always buy a cup at the local coffee shop but that would be expensive and quite impractical as you can definitely make your own brew at the comfort of your small kitchen.

The first generation spacesaver coffee makers were designed with only space conservation in consideration. They were mostly no-fuss machines stripped down to the basic essentials and packed into small plastic squares.

Years later, some brand of spacesaver coffee pot like Black and Decker spacesaver coffee were designed to be mounted to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. A lot of brand names followed suit but it must be noted that Mr. Coffee is probably the first ever automatic brewer that was designed to save space.

New innovations were constantly applied to space saver coffee makers. Designs are sleeker and more compact but the quality of the brew is not in any way compromised. Most leading space saver coffee pot manufacturers now pay more attention to the quality of brew and not just on its design and features.

Space saver coffee maker no longer just pump heated water into the grinds as modern compact brewers have features such as charcoal filters and vacuum pots for a great cup of brew. Indeed, technology has vastly improved the quality of space saving coffee makers thereby ensuring great tasting cups of brew.

What Spacesaver Coffee Maker to Buy?


Undercounter Coffee Maker

Space saving coffee machines are not confined into models that are mounted under the cabinet or cupboard. There are models that need not be mounted under the cabinet but are rather designed to occupy a small space on the counter beneath the cabinetry.

One kind of the space saver coffee maker is the Bodum French press. There are café aficionados that claim that the manual French press makes the best coffee. All you need to do is put in the grinds, add hot boiling water, let the grinds steep for a few minutes then plunge. This is good for a single cup of really great tasting brew.

Another space saving coffee maker type is the pod-variety. It definitely speeded up the brewing process as it shoots up boiling water through pre-packed coffee pods. The resulting brew is of fine quality but if you want a really supreme brew choose the pre-packed espresso pod for pod-machine.

Drip type space saver coffee machines are not capable of producing pressurized brew that has a crema but the pod-variety can produce thick foamy layer on your coffee.

Brands of Space Saver Coffee Makers


Black & Decker SDC750 Spacemaker 12-Cup Programmable Under-the-Cabinet Coffeemaker, White is very affordable at $65. This unit can be easily installed under the cabinet to save counter space. It can brew up to 12 cups. Its removable water reservoir has an illuminated indicator for the water level. It is programmable – brew-pause function (sneak-a-cup), auto-shut off, and a clock and timer feature. It even has a save-a-plug outlet which means that you can plug your mini food processor or grinder and electric can opener directly into the coffeemaker.


Mr. Coffee DRX5GTF 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black is a space saver as it has a compact design which will not take up so much space on the kitchen counter. It can brew up to 4 -cups, can be paused during the brewing process so you can pour a quick cup, has removable filter, a water level indicator window and an “on” and “off” indicator to let you know the status of the brewer. The unit has storage for the cord to avoid clutter on the countertop. At $20, this machine is definitely worth more than the price.


Bodum Chambord Coffee Press is a real treasure at $ 40. It can “brew” 32 ounces of coffee while retaining the bean’s oils for rich and complex flavor. Its chrome-plated brass frame with a clear glass carafe is a no-mess, easy-to-clean equipment. All parts are dishwasher-proof and replaceable in case any gets broken. What is great about this press is that it can process from one cup to four cups of great tasting brew. It is user and eco-friendly product too.


Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG1 Single Serve Brewing System is valued at $80. It actually borrowed Keurig’s brewing technology and is therefore compatible with Keurig’s K-cup pod packs. It is a single-serve coffee and is best suited for individual use. It is so easy to use. All you need is to do is lift the reservoir lid and pour in 8 ounces of water. Insert the K-cup into the brewer and close the compartment. Close the reservoir and then press “brew”. That’s it. In 2 minutes or less, you will have a great tasting brew.

Choosing the right type of space saver coffee maker is quite easy. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your requirements.

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