Southwest Roof Top Wind Turbines


Over the last few years, the price of oil in the world has become quite unpredictable forcing many energy sector stake holders to shift their attention to alternative sources of energy to avoid the uncertainty that is occasioned by shifts in oil prices. Wind energy has turned out to be one of the many alternatives and companies such as Southwest roof top wind turbines are not sitting back and letting events pass them by.

With so many deserts lying under-utilized with strong winds blowing across the landscapes all year round, all that was needed was to have somebody make the first initiative by tapping this energy to turn the deserts into energy producing areas. In order to tap the wind energy effectively, the use of proper and efficient wind turbines is essential. It is at this point that anybody venturing into this business must be careful in their choice of turbine.

The most important part of the wind turbine is the air blade. It is the air blades that will determine how effective the wind turbine will be able to work. Southwest roof top wind turbines Windpower AIR-LX-12 Air X turbine comes with a carbon fiber reinforced composite that twists every time the turbine reaches its set limit.

The twisting effect forces the turbine to stall thus preventing the turbine from exceeding the set number of revolutions per minute on the alternator. This action ensures the roof top wind turbine remains intact over longer periods of time. This also protects the wind turbine from massive changes in wind speed which could otherwise damage the turbine.

Besides the twisting blades, the Southwest Windpower AIR-LX-12 Air X Wind Turbine uses a brush-less alternator which is deliberately optimized to match the cubic energy in the wind blowing across the turbine. The brush-less alternator is made of neodymium iron boron magnets just to ensure superior performance. This material also guarantees the user a maintenance free operation since they are almost everlasting.

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