Solar Steam Generator


The rising population and the expansion of urbanized areas have also raised the need for energy. With the world’s resources depleting, we need to find a reliable and dependable source of energy that is efficient and abundant. This is where a solar steam generator is going to play a big role.

The Sun is a huge ball of gas capable of providing us all the energy we would ever need. While many have studied and many have developed technology to harness all this power, we have yet to fully harness the full potential of a sun powered world in a large scale.

What we need is a global energy solution that is non-nuclear and is environmentally friendly. Electrical generators fueled by solar power are the key to all of this.

As a brief overview, a solar steam generator system is somewhat essentially the same as the waste oil system. This is in a sense that the steam generated supplies kinetic gas energy to a small horsepower turbine. Then the turbine shall turn a high speed or geared down alternator.

The energy generated is then stored in a battery for use when needed. As for the low energy steam generated, it can either be leaked to the atmosphere through a vent or be recycled with the use of a closed loop system.

We need to find an electrical generator that could not only provide us with dependable service and electricity as well as be safe to the environment before we dry up all our resources leaving the world in the dark. With the sun providing solar power at a daily basis, it is a good idea to harness this power, the future is bright for the solar steam generator.

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