SodaStream Home Soda Maker


One of the things that we’ve found here at Best Water Cooler Dispensers, is that people who enjoy the convenience and refreshment of a water cooler absolutely love the benefits offered by a home soda maker. These devices have become more and more popular and offer the ability to save money, save on storage, and give you instant, perfectly carbonated Sodas, Seltzers and other carbonated beverages. Below is our SodaStream review.

There have been a number of home soda makers to hit the market lately, but none have been as successful or nearly as popular as the SodaStream home soda maker. The SodaStream is a home soda maker that can make a whole range of different carbonated beverages: from your favorite type of Soda or Pop, to fresh Seltzer water or Club Soda, to the wildly popular Fruit Flavored Carbonated Water drinks. The SodaStream comes with an amazing lineup of different drink mixes and has several models that fit any kitchen design, space and budget.

Reasons to Buy SodaStream

There are several great reasons to buy SodaStream home soda makers:

  • Save Money and Lots of It! – The average cost of a can of soda made by the SodaStream is 25 cents which is at least half the cost if not more. You save even more on sparkling water!
  • Instant Carbonated Drink Whenever You Want It – It takes only thirty seconds to mix up a drink and you can control the level of carbonation for the perfect soft drink.
  • Carbonation is perfect and never flat – nothing is more annoying than opening up a bottle of Soda or Flavored water to find that it’s just about flat. The PET and Glass bottles do a better job at maintaining the carbonation.
  • Plenty of Drinks to Choose From – The SodaStream refills have all sorts of flavors including diet and regular. So whether you like Soda Pop or Flavored Water, you have a huge selection of great tasting flavors.
  • Eliminates Storage Issues – If you and your family drink a fair amount of carbonated drinks, then you have to keep them stored somewhere and most of what you are storing is water.
  • Easier on the Environment – By buying a SodaStream, you eliminate all of the plastic bottles which don’t always get recycled and if they do, they can only be recycled so many times. It also cuts down on the transportation costs and carbon footprint associated with that.

Best Place to Buy SodaStream Online

More and more people are doing their shopping online (which is particularly true for Christmas shopping) and are looking for the best place to buy SodaStream Online. I’ve dong a fair amount of research looking around to see what places had the best price SodaStream models and so on, and I’ve discovered that Amazon has some of the best prices and offers some great perks, like free shipping. You can also save money on SodaStream home soda makers by buying a starter kit. These kits will give you everything you need to start making your own carbonated beverages at home instantly. It’s also a great gift idea and the starter kit is definitely the way to go.


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