Smoothies For Weight Loss


Detoxifying your body goes hand in hand with losing weight because you don’t want to do one or the other exclusively. It’s the key to remaining both in shape as well as healthy.

This is really the best way to live, and although for some people it might seem painful, it actually takes less than a month for you to get used to any changes you were trying to make in the first place.

Remember that you’re not looking to lose weight only, but cleanse your body from within. Getting healthy is like receiving internal plastic surgery and it involved a lot of effort that will increase your enthusiasm for life to the point where it’s overwhelming!

There were so many advances made as far as food technology that losing weight while detoxifying and cleansing the body is possible simultaneously. To begin with, if you’d like to detoxify your body you’ll first have to rid yourself of all those toxins that have been piling up.

The ultimate goal is to rid yourself of things such as excessive fats and cholesterol, and the best way to start is by changing your nutrition and making sure you make green smoothies the center of your diet.

Getting started on your journey towards wellness shouldn’t be painful. Here we’ve included some of the most important things to pay attention to as you go about it.

Always Stay Prepared

It doesn’t matter whether your main intention is to lose weight or rid yourself from toxins (best to do both), but the first thing you should do is ease into it and be persistent in a moderate manner.

If you’ve been eating junk for months, you’ll need to allow your body some time to adjust to the changes and be able to respond to your new healthy habits appropriately. Start with one or two  smoothies a day and rid yourself from all those bad foods that are within reach.

The last thing you should fall into is temptation as you’ll only need a week or two until your body gets adjusted to it. After that you’ll be able to replace your solid foods with smoothies entirely.

How Long Should You Keep Going?

You’ll find that this is more of an art than it is a science as there’s no actual set date for most people just starting out. We recommend that you try going on smoothies for around 2-3 days at first, just to see the way your body is affected and then see whether it’s something you’d like to proceed with. This is assuming that you aren’t suffering from any serious health conditions, and you’re mentally capable of handling change.

Some people like to go on an all out smoothie fast lasting 3-7 days and do so a few times every year. Some manage to go even longer.

If your body isn’t well adjusted to all those green nutrients, you’ll have to try out for 3 days only at first, just to make sure. The fast will ensure you properly cleanse your system, although you should be careful in terms of your food choices afterwards.

Go Organic, All The Way

In order for you to get the most benefits out of this process, stay away from any chemical-ridden foods and go fully organic. That means a combination of more fruits and vegetables.

Some foods out there tend to contain toxins due to the pesticides, and you want to start off with some basic recipes that are common and available.

You’ll soon find out that green smoothies contain all the important and necessary nutrition your body is in need of. Even if you’re facing protein deficiencies, you’ll be glad to know that for the most part those vegetables you include in your smoothies are going to be rich in protein.

As long as you have a good blender that you can use to combine different ingredients and flavors, you’ll have access to the best of nutrition – at all times. This is going to help you lose weight as well as cleanse you body simultaneously. Just head out to your local grocery store, pick up some green vegetables and start making those tasty smoothies.


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