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There are many Smooth Away reviews already out on the Internet, so why would you want to read this one? For starters, I made this article because I know it has its flaws, and unlike other reviewers, I feel you should know about its disadvantages as well as its advantages. If you’re well-informed on both sides, you can then decide without regrets whether to purchase it  and lose those unwanted body hair or whether to skip it. Are you ready for the truth? Well, here we go.

What is Smooth Away?

Smooth Away is a new product that has appeared on numerous TV ads. According to the official website and other reviews, it is basically a pad that you rub on unwanted hair. The pad contains fine crystals that literally buff the hair away. According to some sources, it’s being used by most women today as an inexpensive and more effective alternative to shaving, ripping, plucking, melting, or laser treating hair.

According to my research, this hair remover pad differs from other hair removal products out there for three reasons:

  1. The product is said to work on all areas of the body including sensitive zones like the upper lip and bikini line (other products such as hot wax may not be that accommodating!).
  2. It’s painless. The product removes hair by buffing it away using superfine crystals, and the company guarantees the process to be comfortable, especially on sensitive parts.
  3. According to the manufacturers, it also works on men. This includes buffing away unwanted chest and back hair if you want your guy to have a clean look.

How does it really work?

Based on official company reviews and statements, it’s basically a flat pad that you rub in circular motions on unwanted hair. The pad contains superfine crystals that work with the friction produced by the rubbing to buff away hair painlessly. It works within seconds, and the skin feels smooth due to the natural exfoliating action caused by the rubbing.

It is also reported to have the following benefits:

  • Removes dead skin cells due to the friction created.
  • Causes the hair to grow back less quickly each time.
  • Causes the hair to grow back thinner the more you use the product.

I was getting some questions about how to use it so I created a post specifically on how to use it as instructed over here.

OK that’s great, but is there proof that it really works?

Naturally, the official company website is littered with dozens of positive praise, and people only wanting to sell the product and earn commissions make fake Smooth Away reviews just to fool customers. I did not include any of these biased reports in my research.


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