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Smooth Away pads are one of the options out there for women wanting to lose hair. Whether it be armpit hair, leg and arm hair, hair on the upper lip and chin, or hair on the bikini line, the pad removes it with a similar effectiveness to regular razor or waxing cream with the added benefit of being devoid of any harsh chemicals. For a more detailed look at the product, click here to go to our review about the product.

For those of you wanting to get more replacement pads, or are questioning whether it is worth continuing to buy them, we answer both questions so read on.

Why Do the Pads Run Out?

The Smooth Away pads are basically rough mitts that you place on your hand or fingers. The pads themselves are lined with a course material which the company calls “superfine crystals” that when rubbed on your skin literally buffs the hair away. Due to the friction caused by the pads, the hair is turned to a fine powder that you can wash off. This process is pain free, and the pads also remove dead skin cells with their friction, making your skin not only hairless but also exfoliated and smooth.

For instructions on how best to use smooth away see this post.

However, the superfine crystals on the pads do not last indefinitely; each pad can only be used for two full cycles on your arms and legs. Each purchase of the Smooth Away set gives you ten pads in all, and this doesn’t include the extra ten more from the bonus pack when you pay shipping and handling. This will give you enough supply for a while, but you’ll run out of them after a couple of months. So, where will you get new ones? And should you?!

Get Replacement Pads Or Get Replacement System?

Basically, when your current set runs out, your only option is to purchase replacement pads. On the official website it is $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling fee. You get 20 pads from two Smooth Away sets (one is a bonus set if you pay the shipping and handling fee).

It’s true that the pads run out, and even the alternative of hot wax needs to be replaced much quicker. To be honest in the long run a product like the Nono hair removal system is going to save you money in the long run. We recently did a review of the nono, together with it’s pro’s and cons, and real customer reviews to show if the Nono really works. The results are pretty good so you might want to consider that instead.


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