Smooth Away Hair Remover: The Painless Way to be Hair-Free


We all know that having a soft mustache or a bit of facial stubble can be really sexy! … on men that is.

For the opposite sex, though, any kind of lengthy hair growth outside the top of the head can be seen as a disaster. Most of us women consider armpit hair, leg and arm hair, or upper lip hair quite unappealing and have even tried getting rid of them through the more conventional means of shaving with a razor, plucking with a nipper, and waxing with hot cream. These methods work, but is there an easier alternative?

The answer:

One company says “yes”. The inventors of Smooth Away Hair Remover have come up with a strange, if not convenient, way of removing hair. Their product is basically a circular pad that is lined with rough pieces of…what the company labels “superfine crystals”… that basically removes hair from your body like a sandpaper does to loose splinters of wood. And while that might not seem so appealing at first glance, the pads themselves have proven their worth to many women.

Basically, the instructions call for you to slip a pad on your hand, select the hairy area you want to cleanse, and start rubbing the pad on that spot. Within seconds, the hair gets reduced to a fine powdery dust due to the friction caused by the rough pad on your skin. Miraculously, there is no pain whatsoever as claimed by numerous users, and the added benefit of this sandpaper-like cleaning is that the friction actually exfoliates all the accumulated dead skin cells, making your skin not only hair-free but as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

For instructions on how to use Smooth Away most effectively read this post here.

Does it measure up?

Granted, you may be a bit apprehensive about the product’s effectiveness, and there’s definitely merit for that. The company’s use of the term “superfine crystals” to name the rough surface of the pad raises a few eyebrows and some incredulous laughs. However, the product has been thoroughly covered in an unbiased manner in our Smooth Away reviews, which includes both the disadvantages as well as the advantages of using this merchandise. As a summary of that review, it indeed works exceedingly well on removing hair painlessly as claimed, but the pads also need to be changed after about three uses. It’s also our humble opinion that the pads are an excellent way to start on girls or teenagers who have unmanageable facial, leg, or armpit hair but are scared to use a razor blade or hot wax.

The product is certainly worth considering when you’ve tried other ways before and found them unsatisfactory. For one, shaving leaves unsightly bumps on your pores if you are not careful in the amount of shaving cream you put in and the angle of the razor. Waxing is effective but somewhat painful for those who aren’t used to it. Plucking is detrimental to the pores with continued use. And finally laser treatment is a permanent measure but quite expensive. The alternative is Smooth Away Hair Remover, one that offers an unorthodox manner of removing hair but definitely does the job better.


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