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I know you’ve probably heard about the new product Smooth Away which supposedly has the technology to remove body hair painlessly and easily. Well, if you’re looking for an unbiased review, you’ve come to the right place. I wrote this article because I also want to get rid of my armpit, leg, and arm hairs without plucking or waxing hairs off, so I did some extensive research since some of my friends recommended it to me with glowing praise. Well, you’ll soon see if they’re right or not. Here’s the lowdown on this latest invention.

What is Smooth Away?

It’s an innovative creation that claims to…well, “smooth away” your unwanted body hair using a set of pads that you rub on the hair to buff it off. It’s been featured on numerous TV ads, and gals interviewed by the company have been extremely satisfied with the results. According to my research, the product is notable for three reasons:

  1. The hair removal is painless as claimed by the developers. This is the best feature among the bunch, since plucking and hair waxingis more uncomfortable than we’d like to admit, but most women, myself included, were left with little choice until this product came along.
  2. It is also known to exfoliate dead skin. Since the pads are rubbed on your body, the friction causes dead skin to come right off, thereby rejuvenating those dull areas.
  3. Finally, it works for men as well, taking off chest hairs and mustaches with ease according to the demonstration on their website.

How does it Work?

According to the official description, each pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away hair every time you rub it on your body. The crystals, with the help of friction, literally smooths away the hair from your skin as you rotate the pad in a circular motion. The best part is that it’s rumored to be painless and does not cause any cuts or nicks like razorblades do. Also, as mentioned before, dead cells gets rubbed off as well, making your skin feel smoother.

These are some additional advantages:

  • Works well on underarms, legs, arms, and lips for the ladies, as well as chest and back hair for the gentlemen.
  • Hair grows back slower the longer you use the pads.
  • The pads last about two full cycles of full body hair removal before they need to be replaced. (Learn more about where to get replacement pads here).
  • It works on long hair, although trimming it first is recommended.
  • The hair will not grow back thicker after using Smooth Away. In fact, the hair is supposed to get thinner with every use.

For a detailed post on how to use smooth most effectively we have smooth away instructions in this post here.

Does it REALLY Work?

The only way to find out if it really works would be to receive unbiased feedback from people who actually tried the product. I searched around in public forums and other retail stores – anywhere other than the company’s own testimonials – to try to get the real low down. Surprisingly, there are a large number of people who support the product with only a few minor complaints:

The general consensus seems to be that, while the pads need replacement every once in a while, they really do buff away the hair quite painlessly and cleanly as the manufacturers said they would.

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