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Our teeth turning yellow are a fairly common problem. People usually want to get it fixed but taking an appointment with your dentist and especially going to see him or her just so they could whiten your teeth seems like a long and unnecessary. It is for that reason only that people have started to do Google searches for items like Smile Sciences reviews.

Products like Smile Sciences help the users to whiten their teeth while doing chores or just chilling at home. People prefer this over having to spend so much time commuting back and forth to the dentist. All the money spent just to whiten your teeth is really off-putting as well. Well, not anymore. All you have to do is purchase this tray style Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening gel and follow the instructions that Smile Sciences reviews provide you with.

What exactly is Smile Sciences?

Smile Sciences is a type of teeth whitening product. People who have yellowish or brownish teeth, who do not want to go to a dentist or spend all that money, they choose products like these. You can simply read a few of Smile Science reviews.

They will tell you exactly what you have to do. You basically have to apply the gel to the trays, which look like mouth guards then you have to apply it on your teeth along with the LED light for about 20 minutes for whiter teeth.

How does Smile Science work?

You get two trays with the kit. One is for the top teeth while the other is for the bottom. First of all, you should brush your teeth and then floss so that your teeth are clean. The next step is to apply the gel using an injection onto each section of the tray. You can then proceed to wear each tray on your set of teeth carefully.

Smile Sciences reviews ask you to make sure that the gel isn’t leaking to your gums otherwise it may cause irritation and even burning sensations. Keep it on along with the LED light for about 20-30 minutes and you will notice that your teeth are whiter than before.

Smile Sciences Ingredients

Every teeth whitening product use different formulas. Upon reading some Smile Sciences reviews, we found that the chemicals used in the teeth whitening gel of Smile Sciences are glycerin, carbomer, carbamide peroxide, menthol, EDTA etc. EDTA, in particular, is responsible for removing bacterial debris and surface proteins so that the oxygenation process can start.

Any Smile Sciences side effects?

Upon researching different Smile Sciences reviews, we found that some users experienced unpleasant sensations while the process was going on. This may have been so because the taste of the gel is not nice at all. Although it is available in two flavors – bubblegum and mint. It is best if you don’t try to taste it as they will taste like chemicals to you. Some users did not notice a drastic difference between the two pictures.

Pros and Cons of Smile Sciences

Upon reading the various Smile Sciences reviews, you will find many pros as well as cons of this product. They have been mentioned below.


ü  It is very easy to use. There are various videos and articles to help you with the process.

ü  It comes in different flavors.

ü  Promo codes for this product are easily available, which will get you a good discount on your purchase.

ü  It is not harmful to your teeth.

ü  The LED light enhances the result of the teeth whitener.

ü  It is FDA approved.


û  Some users complained of discomfort and increased sensitivity while using this product.

û  Some users didn’t notice much of a difference before and after applying the product.

Is Smile Sciences A Scam?

Every product is different. One product cannot be liked by everybody who uses it. If we are to believe the Smile Sciences reviews then it is not a scam. Over 203k people follow their official Instagram page. Most of the people who used their product loved it and saw significant changes. Their teeth became whiter by a few shades at least. However, not every user felt the same way.

Smile Sciences Customer Testimonials

Most of the Smile Sciences reviews said that they were happy with the result of the product. Most of the users found that their teeth had whitened by a couple of shades at least. However, these results tend to fade after a couple of days.

A few users complained that even though this product is safe to use, they still felt uneasiness while wearing the trays. The taste of the gel is nasty no matter which flavor you choose.

Prices and Where to buy?

The teeth whitening kit can be purchased from their official website for 299$. If you do a little bit of research, you will easily find promo codes that would provide you with a good discount.

You could also find the product for sale on other online portals as found in Smile Sciences reviews.

What is The Refund Policy for Smile Sciences?

They mention on their website that all sales made are final. They will only refund or replace a product if it is defective. The item will be exchanged or the refund will be issued within 30 days of time. You will need your receipt to show as proof. Also, the defective items have to be returned first then only will the refund or exchange process be initiated.

Our Verdict on Smile Sciences

Our final Smile Sciences reviews are that it is a good and genuine product. Most of the customers who have used this product have been happy with the results. They were able to see the difference of a couple of shades in the color of their teeth.

Some users didn’t see a drastic change that they wanted to. In a few rare cases, the users of this product experienced discomfort while they had the gel on their teeth. The sensitivity of the teeth was also a common occurrence.

If you do not want to risk the discomfort or the chances of increased sensitivity then you could try using the Active Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder. It is made of activated charcoal. The charcoal is of the purest form. It really helps to whiten your teeth.

It is also very beneficial and healthy for the gums.  It promises to whiten your teeth without the risk of any kind of sensitivity, which is opposite of what the Smile Sciences reviews told us. It is also 100% natural.

Smile Sciences FAQ:

  • Q: What are the ingredients in the Smile Sciences?

Some of the general chemicals that are found in the gel formula of the Smile Sciences teeth whitening tray kit are Triethanolamine, Kosher Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Carbamide Peroxide, Carborner etc. The ingredients change with the different flavors that are available.

  • Q: What are the side effects of Smile Sciences?

Some users noticed that their teeth became sensitive after using this kit while others observed burning or stinging in their gums. A few Smile Sciences reviews were of the opinion that there wasn’t much of a difference after using the product.

  • Q: How do I know if Smile Science is correct for me?

No one product has ever proven to be right for all the people. Every user will judge the product according to their needs and expectations of it. Like every product, there are negative aspects of this product as well. Not every consumer was satisfied. Having said that, most of the reviews of this product were positive. A lot of the users of this product recommended their readers to give it a chance as well.

  • Q: Does Smile Sciences work?

The results vary from one person to the other. Most of the users found their teeth to become a few shades lighter while a few customers didn’t see much of a difference. Overall, it does work. But, Smile Sciences reviews suggested that if you have sensitive teeth or any serious health issues then avoid using this product.

  • Q: What is the price of Smile Sciences?

The whole teeth whitening kit is available on their website for $299 only.

  • Q: Where can I buy Smile Sciences?

You could purchase the kit from their official website. Some Smile Sciences reviews found that the product is also for sale on other online portals.

  • Q: How should I take Smile Sciences?

The Smile Sciences tray kit comes with two trays, one for your upper set of teeth and the other for the lower one. You have to inject the gel carefully into each tray. Be careful that you don’t overfill it or spill it as it should not make contact with your gums.

Wear both trays one by one, and then put on the LED light in your mouth as well. Relax for thirty minutes then take out and rinse. Smile Sciences reviews recommended that you rinse your mouth at least a couple of times.

  • Q: How do I contact Smile Sciences customer service?

You can contact them through the information that is available on their official website.

  • Q: Can I return Smile Sciences?

The company will only refund or exchange the product if there is some sort of defect and if it is not fit for use.

  • Q: What are the most common complaints about Smile Sciences?

Upon researching different Smile Sciences reviews, we found that some users had experienced increased sensitivity in their teeth while some others felt a burning sensation in their gums. It should not be used by pregnant ladies or young kids.


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