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At a time when smiles were full of braces and wires, the two co-founders, Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkall, came together to come up with a more pocket-friendly method of acquiring whiter and straighter teeth.

After teaming up with Camelot Venture Group, experts in creating opportunities in exceedingly synchronized and maintained industrial structures, two young men sought to create something accessible with SmileDirectClub.

What exactly is SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub is a service where you can put in an order for custom-made aligners that you can use to straighten your teeth without having to incur the costs of visiting a dentist as said in many SmileDirectClub reviews. All you need to do is send over an impression of your dentils to SmileDirectClub where they will work on creating the perfect custom dental aligners and will be mailed back to you.

All you need to do is wear the aligner for a few months (ranging from 3-7 months) and you will find yourself with a brand new smile. These teeth aligners are difficult to notice and almost-invisible, thus making them the next most desirable alternative to traditional braces as written in numerous SmileDirectClub reviews.

How Does SmileDirectClub Work?


  1. Teeth assessment allows SmileDirectClub to evaluate if you need the services since some individuals need more extensive help than the company can’t help with. In such cases, SmileDirectClub will not count that individual as a client.
  2. In order to get assessed, you will need to submit an impression of your dental set. For this, you can have SmileDirectClub send you directly a kit that allows you to make a mold of your teeth. The impressed mold will then be sent to their labs where your teeth prints will be inspected and evaluated, and be used to create a custom-treatment plan for your mouth as mentioned in several other SmileDirectClub reviews.
  3. Alternatively, you can also opt for a digital teeth scan. All you need to do is make an appointment at SmileDirectClub’s SmileShops and go through the impression mold process. Be aware that the SmileShops are available only in some cities. The cost of the impression is $99 as seen in various SmileDirectClub reviews.
  4. After licensed dental professionals will evaluate your teeth, they will go ahead to create custom-made aligners that are almost invisible for both your upper and lower teeth sets. Once you receive these aligners, you will need to wear them on a regular basis, except when you are having food or beverages. SmileDirectClub will also send you a pack of premium teeth whitening (five) as an added bonus.
  5. You will have to switch out your aligners from time-to-time and exactly to your teeth treatment plan. You are also required to send pictures of your progress periodically to the SmileDirectClub so that they can make sure your teeth are moving as per the plan.
  6. Within four to eight months of treatment, you will have a brand new smile to show off to people as is also proved by other SmileDirectClub reviews.
  7. It is highly recommended you buy a retainer separately for an additional $99 after your treatment. Retainers prevent any movements that may occur once your teeth are in place. If you don’t use a retainer, there is a high chance that your teeth might shift to its original position and ruin your hard work.

SmileDirectClub ingredients

The SmileDirectClub product consists of aligners that are made from BPA-free plastic as indicated by other SmileDirectClub reviews.

Any SmileDirectClub Side Effects?

There are technically no known side-effects of these alignments. But some SmileDirectClub reviews state that you need to make sure you were both the sets all the time, lest you risk your teeth forming out of shape and proportion. Only remove the alignments while eating or drinking.

Pros and Cons of SmileDirectClub


ü  Since you are cutting down on dentist visits and treatment costs, SmileDirectClub offers you services at a much cheaper rate than visiting a dentist.

ü  SmileDirectClub offers a monthly payment option, if you desire, making payment easier for you.

ü  The invisible aligners are extremely light and thin, thus making it impossible for people to notice you are wearing them. You can smile confidently at people while the aligners work simultaneously on your teeth.

ü  The staff working at SmileDirectClub consists of all working professionals with decades of experience in this field. They create your treatment plan and keep a close eye on your progress. This allows the customer to save money while maintaining the high-quality care.

ü  With SmileDirectClub, you don’t need to visit the office to get your teeth checked periodically. You can do it at the convenience of your own home, whenever you wish to as is written in other SmileDirectClub reviews.

ü  SmileDirectClub provides its customers with a 3D model of the treatment plan. If the aligners don’t SmileDirectClub work out for your teeth, you get a full refund, thus making it risk-free.


û  While several SmileDirectClub reviews vary on various online sites, the customer service remains consistent. The company’s customer care services are said to be very fickle and non-attentive.

û  While the plan should provide positive results, the SmileDirectClub does not promise 100% results and does not take any responsibility for the outcome of the treatment.

û  With traditional dentists, you can go for a check up on regular basis; they make sure you are staying on track after a close inspection. You cannot do this with SmileDirectClub products.

û  Using SmileDirectClub products can give rise to certain problems: If you lose one of your trays, you will need to order another again, which might take some time. Meanwhile, at a regular dentist’s office, you can get yourself a pair of emergency trays while waiting for your formal ones. While SmileDirectClub checks in to keep a tab on your progress, they won’t be able to provide the convenience and attention offered by a traditional dentist as pointed by several other SmileDirectClub reviews as well.

û  It is also worth noticing that most people are comfortable in the hands of a trusted dentist with whom they can form a client-consumer relationship. SmileDirectClub team communicates very minimally.

Is SmileDirectClub A Scam?

SmileDirectClub works well with non-major tooth alignment problems and minor relapses. But, if you need more extensive work, it would be better that you go to a dentist as suggested by other SmileDirectClub reviews as well. There are no risks involved in getting yourself a SmileDirectClub teeth checkup to know what their experts have to say before you commit yourself to the treatment. SmileDirectClub will only take cases they believe can be treated successfully.

SmileDirectClub Customer Testimonials

Since the company started in 2014, there are not a lot of consumer reviews. Most reviews can be found in form of videos online. Some positive SmileDirectClub reviews talk about the good experiences users are having with this product, cheaper than most of its competitors and receiving feedback from SmileDirectClub experts back on time.

However, some overwhelming negative SmileDirectClub reviews state that they have not been hearing from the company for a very long time and the customer care further frustrating the callers. Some have also stated their aligners did not fit well at all. On a slightly positive note, the company does try its best to respond to each and every complaint.

Prices and Where to buy?

The online Smile Assessment is free of cost. For the 3D scan or an at-home impression kit, you need to pay $95. If it is determined that you are not a suitable client, the $95 will be refunded. Next, for the aligners, SmileDirectClub has come up with two payment options, which are also mentioned in other SmileDirectClub reviews:

  1. Single payment: You can pay $1850 in one go.
  2. SmilePay Monthly Payment: You will have to pay $250 as a down-payment and $80 per month for the next 24 years (two years), amounting to a grand total of $2170.

Both payment modes offer you a complimentary whitening gel. After the treatment, you will have to purchase a retainer for $99 to maintain your teeth. Other miscellaneous costs include $50 for each replacement tray, $49 for additional impression kits, etc.

What Is The Refund Policy For SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub reviews states that if you are not a suitable candidate, the $95 you spent on your impression kit or scan will be refunded to you. If you want to return the alignments, pack and include all the original packing materials, accessories, and manuals.

Let SmileDirectClub know you are sending back your package on their official email and post the mail via a trackable carrier like UPS. Once SmileDirectClub receives and processes your return, the refund will be seen on your card statement within five to ten days depending on your financial institution.

Our Verdict on SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub claims that its aligners are made of BPA-free materials. When compared to several other treatment plans, the SmileDirectClub has a flat saving rate of approximately 60% (such as Invisalign treatment plans costs well over $5,000).

As long as you require a mild or moderate straightening, the SmileDirectClub aligners may fit your bill as is also seen in many other SmileDirectClub reviews. You will be able to save a lot of time and money that you might spend on occasional visits to your dentists.

We also recommend you to use Active Wow teeth whitening charcoal powder, which is a cost-effective way to get great white teeth within no time. Its pure charcoal ingredients prevent sensitivity as well as nurture the gums. The 100% organic charcoal in this powder will give you great results.

SmileDirectClub FAQs:

  • Q: What are the ingredients in SmileDirectClub?

The ingredients of SmileDirectClub are plastic aligners that are BPA-free as mentioned in various SmileDirectClub reviews.

  • Q: What are the side effects of SmileDirectClub?

The side effects of SmileDirectClub are not many, but as written in some SmileDirectClub reviews, consumers have been warned against the risk of teeth deformation. This usually happens when both the sets are not worn at the same time.

  • Q: How do I know if SmileDirectClub is right for me?

SmileDirectClub is a product that won’t burn a hole in your pocket as the cost of visiting the dentist will be covered. This product imparts confidence to its consumer which is a huge plus. But due to some SmileDirectClub reviews, it has been noticed that SmileDirectClub does not guarantee a full result as it doesn’t check on you like the regular dentist.

  • Q: Does SmileDirectClub work?

The various SmileDirectClub reviews state that many consumers have not faced any issues with this product. They mostly love it because this product goes easy on the pocket. But some consumers have complained that the aligners offered by SmileDirectClub do not fit perfectly.

  • Q: What is the price of SmileDirectClub?

The online Smile Assessment is free. The 3D scan or an at-home impression kit is priced at $95. The $95 will be refunded to you if you are not a suitable client. SmileDirectClub has two types of payment options for the aligners:

  1. A single payment for which you pay $1850.
  2. SmilePay Monthly Payment for which you pay $250 as a down-payment and $80 monthly for the next two years, grand totaling at $2170.
  3. Other miscellaneous costs include additional impression kits priced at $49 each, replacement trays at $50 each, and a retainer at $99.

The above-listed payment options provide you with a free whitening gel.

  • Q: Where can I buy SmileDirectClub?

You can buy SmileDirectClub on its official website.

  • Q: How should I take SmileDirectClub?

To take SmileDirectClub, you need to follow the below-listed steps  as stated in many SmileDirectClub reviews):

  1. The SmileDirectClub offers a ‘teeth assessment’ wherein you get to know if the services offered by the company of this product are sufficient to satisfy your teething problems.
  2. For the ‘teeth assessment’ to take place, an impression of your dentil set needs to be submitted. A kit will be sent by the company of SmileDirectClub, so that an impression mold of your teeth can be made and sent back. This impression mold is then inspected in the lab of the company. After this evaluation, a custom-treatment plan gets created.
  3. An alternate solution for the above process can be doing a digital scan of your teeth. For this, you need to take an appointment with SmileDirectClub’s SmileShops, where you will be made to go through a process of impression molding of your teeth. These shops are available in some cities and this process costs $99.
  4. After opting for either of the above processes, certified dental experts will craft custom-made aligners after they evaluate your mold impression. These aligners (both for the upper and lower teeth) once worn will almost be invisible on your teeth. You need wear these aligners regularly, but you must take them off while eating.
  5. SmileDirectClub will also send a package of premium teeth whitening along with these aligners. The process of wearing aligners involves switching them from time to time. You need to stick exactly to your treatment plan.
  6. You will also need to send your progress at certain intervals to SmileDirectClub. The process of transforming your teeth will take place for around 4 to 8 months.
  7. It is recommended to buy a retainer which will help you in preventing any movement that might occur along the whole process. If you don’t do so, it might destroy all the hard work that you put in at the first place.
  • Q: How do I contact SmileDirectClub customer service?

You can contact SmileDirectClub at the email id listed on its website. You can also call on the customer care number also given at the company’s website. Many SmileDirectClub reviews have stated that SmileDirectClub has a lousy customer service.

  • Q: Can I return SmileDirectClub?

Yes, you can return all your SmileDirectClub products. As written in many SmileDirectClub reviews, SmileDirectClub provides an amazing feature of returning back your $95 (the cost of the impression kit or scan) if you are not the right candidate for this product. Apart from this, if you want to return SmileDirectClub you need to pack all the products that came in the original packaging. Inform SmileDirectClub on the given email id and post a mail through a carrier that is trackable (UPS). Once the return request gets processed, it will take 5-10 days to reflect in your card statement.

  • Q: What are the most common complaints about SmileDirectClub?

The common complaints listed in the SmileDirectClub reviews state that the customer care of SmileDirectClub is mostly unresponsive. Additionally, the product does not provide a full result. It does not provide you services like a dentist provides. The trays given in this product also take time to get replaced.


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