Smartwool Socks

Almost a year ago SmartWool socks were made known to me. When I was in New England as a child growing up, many winters were spent out in the snow and I learned to be thankful for a warm quality sock.The main characteristic of a great winter is that in addition to keeping your feet adequately warm, it keeps your feet dry in the process. SmartWool socks have both of these features as well as the added bonus of it being itch-free! Let us take a look at its features:


The socks are made of merino wool from New Zealand which is known to be the strongest and softest wool worldwide, which also is capable of controlling foot odour. Many other wool socks make your feet sweaty and itchy but SmartWool socks are itch-free and soft and you can feel the comfort as soon as you put them onto your feet. It makes use of a technology, known as their own PhD technology, which allows your feet to stay warm and breathe at the same time. The PhD technology offers greater evaporation when compared to synthetic fibers and this keep the feet dry all year round. SmartWool also advertise that the socks adjust the body temperature by making the feet warm during the winter but cool in the summer. This declaration is correct. I have had the experience of comfortably wearing my SmartWool socks with no complaints during the most scorching days of the summer.


SmartWool makes socks of various degrees of thickness to be worn in different environments. The list of socks includes: non-cushion, medium, very light, light, heavy, as well as extra heavy. Majority of the socks which I have tested are in the range of ultra-light to medium cushion. Even though the very light cushion tends to be a great deal thinner than probably a medium, there are no noticeable issues regarding durability. No wear or tear nor loss of elasticity has been noticed although I have put a number of pairs of SmartWool socks in the washer at least fifty times each. In fact, the socks have stayed in a near-new appearance having absolutely no thinning or any holes.


When seeing it for the first time, a fair question to ask is how something that is so thin, compared to other wool socks, is able to make your feet stay so warm and comfortable. The only suggestion I can make is that you should try them to know for yourself. You may notice, after more examination, that the socks are intended to constrict in particular areas of the feet, providing better elasticity and allowing warmth to remain inside of the sock. Other parts of the socks located near the foot arch allows for flexibility and breathability by being left thin.


SmartWool, compared to the traditional wool sock, offers many choices to the browns, greys, fuzzy blacks, that are common to many wearers of wool socks. They give many creative solids, print socks, as well as argyle varieties that can be worn to the business office. The list of various style lengths comprises of: micro mini, hidden, mini crew, micro crew, ¾ crew, mid-calf, crew, tights and knee-high.


There is only one drawback with respect to SmartWool socks and that is they can be costly, particularly if you are planning purchase them for everyday wear. Most types of SmartWool sell for less than $20, and majority of dealers participate in a regular sale where you get one at no cost if you purchase three. They are available at almost any store that sells outdoors equipment, or can be found online quite easily. I admit that I struggled at first with the thought of buying four pairs of socks for $60, but when I evaluate SmartWool’s performance, durability and comfort, I am now a believer that they are worth every single penny.

If you are still not sure about SmartWool socks, you are encouraged to try them and see for yourself. According to the commitment to excellence from SmartWool, they promise to refund or replace any product which does not give customer a 100% satisfaction. In addition, they are ideal for a great holiday gift, offering comfort all year round for persons suffering with cold feet. Try them and see for yourself, your feet will be extremely thankful.


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