Small & Quiet Portable Solar Generator


Green energy is coming into prominence more and more these days, and the prices of a usable portable solar generator are going down while the availability of good products is increasing. Many people are looking towards a free power source like this because of the fact that it is lightweight, quite and can be easily adapted for frequent transportation.

Solar energy is available in abundant amount almost everywhere. There is an advantage to solar generators when living off the grid, even if it is for a short period of time. They are useful for people who want to use a quite power generator to go camping or find themselves in remote locations often.

There are solar powered generators of all sizes now available in the market. You can get anything from a small portable generator unit that is intended mainly to recharge the batteries of mini electronic devices or to trickle power back into a larger car batteries or a boat charger. You can go right up the scale to a solar portable generator that is nearly the size of a trailer and can operate not only a number of power tools at a remote location but can even handle a small house.

How to Decide on Portable Solar Generators

When deciding what to purchase, seek out products that match your needs. If you want something that is going to provide enough power to run a television and a DVD player when you are in an RV or camping then the smaller units are not going to suffice. Many of these units have the advantage of being very portable and noiseless, but where they fall short compared to other types of generators is in the available power that they can deliver. The photovoltaic cells have to be spread over a wide area and get a substantial amount of sunlight in order to power a larger item like the refrigerator or a large television.

briefcase portable solar generator

Many small solar generators are now available in briefcase-type configurations that allow them to be transported easily. This is excellent for most applications and it has the added benefit of protecting the unit against the damage when it is in transport. If you’re thinking of buying one of these compact briefcase solar generator models then look for a strong casing that is also lightweight. When shopping for them online, make sure that they give the specifications for size and weight.

Other things to look for are a charging indicator of some sort to make sure that you are getting power and a solar charge controller. If it will be used to directly power smaller electronics then it needs some kind of power inverter. Most of the smaller models will not come with a battery pack and they are either intended to top up the charge in your electronic products or to slowly recharge a battery in a vehicle.

If you are considering something on the smaller end, then take a look at the 12 volt briefcase portable solar generator available from GoldenGadgets. The model number is GoldenGadgets S-1116. This unit is intended for maintenance of the batteries of mini electronics and can be used as a trickle charge for your car batteries. It’s a good way to get introduced to solar power and it can be handy but you need to understand its limitations. The portability of this unit means that it is going to take a long time to fully charge an automotive battery and you can’t expect it to charge larger items.

sunforce small solar generator

If the portable solar generator is to be used in a recreational vehicle (RV) then the Sunforce 50044 might be a good option. This is a unit that is still portable, but you will need to have the space to cart it around. It is going to set you back about $300, so it is a bit more of an investment than the briefcase models but you will get more out of it. It comes with a 200 watt power inverter and it will supply 60 watts of power steadily in the right conditions. It is set up on the mountable frames that come included with the package. It has a blocking diode so there’s no need to unhook it at night and it will not experience reverse power drain.

Look for these added features and choose the small portable generator that is going to suit your needs. If the unit is too small, it may not be money well spent and it might just mean that an upgrade is going to be needed in the near future.

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