Sliding Compound Miter Saw.


It can be challenging to choose a good sliding compound miter saw. There are a lot of essential parts suggested by different experts you should consider. When you read reviews, you may be left confused without knowing what exactly to consider. Here are the most important factors you should consider.

Firstly, look at the ease at which you can read the controls, measurement guides and adjustments. You should also ensure that they are strong enough to operate through years of abuse to come. Some of the saws have good calibrations to read but they get worn away after only a short time of use. Many buyers ignore this consideration only to get frustrated later after they realize the guides on their sliding compound miter saw are not legible.

Secondly, consider how easy it is to use your saw. It should provide an easy way to set up a cut. The clamping and saw adjusting system for miter and bevel cuts should also be easy to set. Using a saw that has a difficult setting system will slow down your performance while at the same time it will lead to making bad cuts.

Thirdly, consider the power of the saw in both blade speed in RPM and motor amps. The blade speed should have the highest speed possible since high speed facilitates making of smooth cuts. They are also more efficient when they are running at high speed. To determine the power, you can either estimate it through the amperage of the saw or from its reviews. You should however know that the amperage of the saw will only help you to determine its amperage if only it has capability of maintaining the same speed even when performing a difficult cut.

Fourthly, you also need to consider the laser site system. This feature is not very important but it will help you in reducing the number of bad cuts you make. A good sliding compound miter saw laser will allow you to see clearly where you are cutting enabling you to follow your marked line. Bad cuts increase waste of timber which in turn contributes to increased expenses.

The diameter of the sliding compound miter saw is another essential factor to consider. Diameter of the saw ranges from 8-12 inches. Wide diameter saws are better since they offer you greater flexibility than narrow saws. A large diameter helps you to cut a large diameter of wood. Only choose the small diameter blades if you will only be dealing with trim material.

Lastly, the warranty of the machine is essential. Choose a saw with a comparably longer warranty.


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