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If there is one issue in our society that everybody is worried about, it’s about weight loss . Predominantly, being overweight or becoming obese is the result of bad eating habit and a lifestyle with lack of exercises. It is also the result of our bodies getting lethargic and not burning the fats that we get from our foods.

The problem is, even when people adopt healthier eating habits, healthy lifestyles and doing work outs regularly, if there is no adequate exercise for the abdominal muscles, the result will be a disproportionate body so you can see people with bulging muscles, trim body and yet a bulging abdomen.

So essentially, we should not forget to include in our exercise programs abs workouts that will target the abdomen lining. If you will search for the best ab machines online, you could surely find lots of them with different structures and follow different methods on how to use them. There are ab machines with rollers, wheel devices, and elastic bands. You could also  try the pedaled ab machines and the ab gliders. You can find any of these large abs machines in gyms and they surely are effective. However, what if you don’t have time to go to the gym because of your hectic business schedule?

slendertone ab belt

So are there other abs machines you could use to reduce your belly if you don’t have the time to go to a gym? Now there are even Wii trainers that claim to train your abs. These definitely are not effective, but there are mobile abs machines so you can use an ab machine right in the comfort of your home by buying one of these folded-type portable aachines which you can easily store in your bedroom, under your table or anywhere else inside your home. Aside from this advantage, they are really affordable and mobile you can use them near the pool, in your backyard or while watching your favorite TV programs or movies. The good thing about the new portable ab sculptors is that not all of them are the machine where you need to do ab crunches

Cheap Slendertone Belt Review: Does the Slendertone work?

Take for example the Slendertone Flex Abdominal Muscle Toner. This is an abdominal toning belt type that is different from the ordinary muscle toner belt. The Slendertone Flex Pro is designed using the medical-grade EMS technology that can automatically stimulate your abdominal area as you have the advantage of using its 99 resistance levels.

It has 77 built-in programs so you have the option to change the way it will contract your ab muscles and what it does is it strengthens all the 3 ab muscle groups in your ab area. It has an adjustable strap that can fit the waist between 24 to 47 inches so women and men can use it anytime, anywhere and no hard workout is needed. It comes with 3 gel pads and has a 2 year warranty. In just six weeks the Slendertone Flex Pro promises you a stronger and firmer ab muscles.

It is actually designed for persons who are so busy they can’t even use a foldable type of ab machine. When you apply the gel pads to your abdomen and strap the belt on, the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology will automatically send signal to its microchips and the contraction begins. By contracting the 3 abdominal muscle group which are the rectus, oblique and transversus, it’s just like you are doing your crunch and sit-ups all along but without the strain. This ab machine is approved by the U.S. FDA and made by Bio Medical Research (BMR) Ltd that won the Consumer Goods Export Award in 2005  so you can be sure it is an effective and reliable gadget for training your abs.

So, is the Slendertone Flex Toner is an abs machine for lazy persons? Well, it will make your abs contract, so you are still working out, only that you don’t need to motivate yourself – and you can do it while seated, so it will not strain your back or your neck.

slendertone ab belt

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How to use the Slendertone Flex Trainer?

  • Don’t do the “couch potato mistake”: when you use the belt while slouched on the sofa in front of your TV you will train unevenly and this can give you back pain. You should try to sit straight during the exercise.
  • Don’t exaggerate when you start using the belt. Unless you are used to doing a lot of ab exercises, you should stick to the recommended levels and workout durations.
  • don’t try to move the belt while it’s switched on – or you will probably get an eletrical shock in your fingers.
  • clean your skin where the gel pads will make contact – this will increase the life span of the pads.
  • use the up and down arrows to adjust the level of intensity. Increase to a level that is effective but not painful.

So, the Slendertone Flex Trainer can be an effective ab machine and it will help you train your abs in a very comfortable way. Still, keep in mind that stimulating your muscles electrically is not the same as doing a real ab exercise. If you rather prefer a real abs workout, check out our review of the best ab machines.

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