SKIL 3400 Table Saw Review


SKIL 3400 Table Saw Review

SKIL 3400 Table Saw

There are several people all around the world who are searching for the right brand of saw that they can use to cut materials in construction. The table saw is listed as one of the most popular saws that are being used by most of the construction workers. A lot of companies have their own product of this type of saw. The SKIL 3400 Table Saw is today‚Äôs best-selling brand of saw. The makers of this brand make sure about the features and the performance of the particular product. Customers of this brand of saw are much satisfied about the performance of the product. Most of the good features of this product are very impossible in some of the brands of the same type of saw.

Product Features

  • The motor of this product is said to be very powerful that has 15 Amp.
  • It has a gauge that is specially made for the cast miter.
  • It is installed with channel called T-slot.
  • This saw have on-tool storage that is built-in.
  • The grip of this product is very soft used to ease handling the product.
  • It weighs 41 pounds.


A lot of people who have and use this SKIL 3400 Table Saw are very satisfied about the advantages that they get in using this specific product. The advantages of this product are very impossible in some other products.

  • Cutting hard materials that are very possible to use in construction might be easily be cut because of the motor of this product that is very powerful.
  • Another advantage of this product is the gauge for cast miter. It is very possible for the user to cut materials with angles and even crossed.
  • Then, it is very possible for the user to place this product from one place to another because of the grip that is very soft.


The SKIL 3400 Table Saw has a lot of advantages in using. But, there are also some users of this product who encounter problems and disadvantages that are possible in this particular saw.

  • The weight of the product is quite heavy so people are having hard times to place this product from one place to another.

Customers Reviews and Scores

There are lots of customers of SKIL 3400 Table Saw all around the world. Some of the customers bought this saw in some hardware that offers this product. But, most of the customers of the particular saw are from online shops like Amazon. In the specific online shop, the customers made reviews that are all positive and they even scored the product by stars. All of the scores are five stars that mean that they are very satisfied in using the product. This is now one of the best-selling brands of this type of saw in this particular online shop.


The SKIL 3400 Table Saw is now the best brand of this type of saw all around the world. Most of the construction workers in the world use this saw instead of using some other products.


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