Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker


Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker have all the protection you need in your in a easy style. It will keep you stabilized when you lace up yourself and go for a run. Skechers have been awarded the winning global in the lifestyle footwear industry. It appeals to trend-savvy men, women and children.


This shoe is entirely made up of pure leather. It is no coincidence that all formal shoes are made out of leather. Leather has a certain professionalism surrounding it that cannot be overlooked. It looks good and makes your personality appealing. The leather used in the Premium Sneakers is one of the highest qualities. It gives comfort its due importance and keeps in mind the sensitivity of the feet. In these shoes, one can walk on even the roughest terrain without their hurting feet.

Manmade sole

Manmade sole, or of called synthetic soles, are the USP of this product. Meticulous attention has been to the designing of these shoes to make sure that when you run, your feet do not hurt even if you run for hours. The training experience that you will have in these shoes cannot be matched. Even if you have walked for many miles, it does not cause fatigue. Comparatively to the other leather soles, this sole is waterproof, cheaper and high on comfort. It checks out completely on the list of soles required for running shoes.

Durable rubber outsole for added shock absorption and traction:

Its outer sole is made up of rubber, which helps to absorb shock.  This has much better traction. An added feature of the rubber sole is the better grip. A shoe must necessarily have a good grip and a durable sole. Being a must for any good shoe, the premium sneakers possesses both, having a rubber grip sole that is durable to last for years.

Lace up front with metal D rings

The lace up front can be tied up easily and tightened as well. The metal D rings in this helps the lace to hold firmly without the breakage of the laces. While running, it is very important to have the shoe-holding firm on your foot. In the absence of it, you cannot possible run as carefree as you will like to. The presence of the lace up front of the shoe makes sure that when you run, your focus is on the miles ahead and not on your foot slipping out of your shoe.

Side S logo

On the side of shoe, there is S logo, which is made up of metal. The logo is the life of the product. You will never buy an Apple product with the distinctive Apple logo. It helps to identify the originality of the product. In the same vein, the Sketcher’s S logo helps it stand out from the rest of the competition. Let the world know you possess the best.


  1. Padded collar and tongue
  2. Side S logo
  3. Soft fabric shoe lining
  4. Cushioned insole


  1. Size fitting issues
  2. Heavy pair of shoes

When you go out to run, it is very important to have the shoe you like. Just like a good book, everyone has their own running shoes that they prefer over others. What is amazing about his pair of sneakers is that they suit almost everyone. If you buy them, you cannot go for anything else ever again. They have been engineered to be the first choice and the wide array of features make sure that you have just what you hope for when you buy these shoes.


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