Skechers for Work Women’s Clog


The answer to all-day comfort lies right here: Tone-ups clog from Skechers for workers. It is a perfect combination of Funky boho chic meeting safety and comfort. This shock absorbing midsole and slip resistant outsole work in harmony to keep your feet protected. The upper leather feature keeps the shoe durable and protects it from electrical hazards.

Embossed Side S logo

The mark of an artist is their signature, and in the same way, the mark of a brand is their logo on their products. It is because of this logo that one can recognize the brand of a product even without asking. While some brands are associated with social status and the economic divide, what is truly great about the Skechers S logo is that it is associated with the brand’s strive for perfection and excellence.  

Roomy rounded toe box

The toe box of a shoe is one of the most important aspects of a shoe. The space a shoe affords to the toes determines the comfort level of the person who is going to wear that shoe. It is exactly because of this reason that the Work Women’s Clog has a round shoebox to provide maximum comfort. A woman who is working needs to be focusing on their work and not be concerned with menial issues like that of shoe comfort. However, shoe comfort is still a priority, which Skechers has very adeptly recognised, and it promises the same with its Work Women’s Clog.

Shock absorbing tone-ups

A working person might have to be standing or walking all day, and sometimes the floor of the workplace might be uneven such that there may be many nuances, which cause shock to the feet. It is for this reason that Skechers has recognised this problem in the life of many working people and come up with a way around it with the shock absorbing tone ups provided in the shoes.

Soft fabric shoe lining

To provide maximum comfort, the shoe has been designed with soft fabric shoe lining which makes sure that the feet of the wearer are not affected by the roughness on the interior of the shoes. The shoe must be comfortable as a whole and not just a part of it. To make sure of that the shoe has been designed with a soft fabric shoe lining, as against the available options of the leather shoe lining. The soft fabric shoe lining ensures that the shoe can be worn for long periods of time with the whole foot being equally comfortable inside the shoe.


1.   Padded colour

2.   Smooth leather

3.   Stitching accents

4.   EH safe design

5.   Leather overlay detail

6.   Supportive mid foot


1.   No colours for men available

2.   Sole makes the foot go numb after wearing it for a long time

3.   Fitting size problems

The Work Women’s Clog has incorporated the needs of working women in one product. The wide array of products available for women in the market can only hold a torch to this pair of shoes as this clog sets a benchmark for the other shoes to be able to reach. It is for the other brands to make up serious ground if they want to be able to compete with this shoe.

From the leather used to make up the body of the shoe to the fabric that forms the lining inside the shoe, the promise of durability and comfort is completely fulfilled. The makers have kept the other aspect of affordability in mind and that is the reason the shoe proudly bears the Skechers’ S logo on its side.


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