Sixpad Abs Fit Reviews


Sixpad Abs Fit Review: Get those envious abs

The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear is offered by the Transcosmos Group, which is an IT service provider in 18 countries and 134 different locations. The UK branch of this group is an exclusive distributor of the Sixpad Abs Fit product in the European market.

The Sixpad Abs Fit is promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo, who has an enviable body himself. He calls this abs system a “revolutionary training gear.’ Based on electrical muscle stimulation, the Sixpad pushes an electrical current through the muscles, thus leading to a contraction. This, in turn, automates the user to hit endless reps.

Dimensions and construction of the Sixpad Abs Fit

The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear has dimensions of 1.5 x 19.5 x 18 cm and weighs 839 grams. The compact size of this abs gear allows you to take it anywhere with you and exercise at any time. The Sixpad Abs Fit is worn on the abdominal muscles and is designed to match your abdominals’ shape. It is made from a flexible and soft rubber that contours according to your body.

With a slim design, the Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear allows you to wear it under your clothes without any issues. It requires you to connect the 6 conductive gel pads to their rear electrodes. The gel in these pads aids in carrying the electric current inside your body. However, you must know that you need to replace them after nearly 30 uses.

Furthermore, the Sixpad Abs is very comfortable to wear. It feels the same as and when you do crunches. You can wear this abs gear and do your regular chores easily, such as watching the TV, browsing the internet, multi-tasking, etc.


The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear comes attached with an intensity control unit at its center. This abs training system is far better than other EMS systems that consist of separate control units, which are connected to each pad through cables, even though they allow you to place the pads individually.

Although the gel pads of the Sixpad Abs Fit are quite sticky when they are fresh that allows them to stay in the right position, they lose their adhesion after a few uses. In such a case, you need to use the Velcro belt that comes with this abs equipment in order to ensure a steady conduction level. The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear automatically cycles from warming to cooling through its 15 different intensity levels.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear advises you to begin on a low level and then step by step raise the intensity every time you use it. You should follow this approach since through this you can put in some linear progression while your muscles are adjusting to the training stimulus.

One session with the Sixpad Abs Fit runs in one distinct pattern, which gradually increases with small current bursts intermingled with longer pulsations and durations. This, in turn, gives your muscles different kinds of contractions in one session and short resting periods.

The current supplied through the Sixpad is given at 20Hz and is specifically designed to increase the duration under tension so as to increase the muscles, which is also known as muscle hypertrophy. This muscle growth necessitates a particular type and level of stimulation.

Exercising capabilities

The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear is a conditioning and strength exercising mechanism. It can build your abs over time. However, if you think that it is a magic solution to get those covetous abs, then you are wrong. Although the Sixpad Abs Fit works great, you too have to put in some efforts and follow a proper diet while using it, if you want those ripped abdominals that you have always fancied.

When using the Sixpad, you can switch it on by just holding the ‘+’ button. This lets you choose amongst 15 different intensity levels, which you can dial down or up with the help of the controls. With the ‘-’ button, you can turn off the unit, if you are done with your exercising routine. Otherwise, one session takes around 20 minutes, which can firm and tone your muscles.


The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear comes with a transportation sleeve, along with a hard backing that preserves the gel pads when you are not using them. The transportation sleeve is like the sliding bar folder like the one used in schools. The Sixpad Abs Fit also comes with a Velcro belt that keeps the Sixpad in place after it has lost its adhesion after some sessions.

Advantages of using the Sixpad Abs Fit

  • Increases muscle size, conditioning, and strength
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Battery life can sustain till 30 uses
  • 15-level intensity adjustment
  • Compact and portable in size so that you can wear it throughout the day
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 1-touch operation
  • Automatic warming to cooling
  • Comes with a support belt that fits any body type

Disadvantages of the Sixpad Abs Fit

  • Maximum intensity is very low
  • Replacement gel pads are quite costly
  • Gel pads are to be replaced after nearly 30 uses
  • Gel pads are hard to replace

Customer reviews

Some customers are happy with the results delivered by the Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear. They say that they can wear it anytime even while in office. They also say that the fit of the Sixpad Abs Fit is quite comfortable, although its battery drains very fast.

A few users have complained about the Sixpad that its transportation sleeve gets jammed shut while using. Some reviewers say that the Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear is not worth the price nor as effective as it is claimed to be in the advertisements. Plus, the gel from its pads easily comes off. A user says that its customer service is the worst that they have encountered.

Bottom Line

The Sixpad Abs Fit EMS Training gear is a great addition to your daily abs developing exercise routine. In fact, you can wear it anytime, even when you are not exercising while doing the daily chores, such as reading, watching television, in a meeting, on a business trip, etc.

You just have to wear the Sixpad Abs Fit and do not do anything else. You can wear it discreetly under your clothes and work out on the move or even in your workplace. This abs machine exercises your muscles in order to help you attain a toned and firm physique.

However, you must take this with caution since the gel pads are not so good with less adhesion over time. They do not stick to the body long after many uses, and the battery only gives you 30 sessions. So, buy the Sixpad only after thinking twice.


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