Nothing can complement a beautiful cupcake than a gorgeous cupcake box. If you are thinking of buying single cupcake boxes, my recommendation is to go for black color. It is a classic color and conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Here are nicely designed single black cupcake boxes:

Black and white cupcake boxes

Individual black and white cupcake boxes

Already featured on my previous article on individual cupcake boxes, I have to feature it again because it really looks very beautifully designed.  You can buy this really cheap at amazon, which often offers free shipping as well if you cross a certain threshold.

Black polka dot cupcake boxes

Black polka dot cupcake boxes

I always love polka dots and this black colored with white dots boxes looks very good indeed.  This design comes from little cupcake boxes in UK. If you are living in the US, best to check out what is their shipping rates. The only thing that could be better is if they make the top cover have a transparent cover. This way, you can see the cupcake frosting without making off the lid.

Pink and black cupcake boxes

pink and black cupcake boxes

It is not easy to find these black and pink boxes. This particular design is from  It is one of the rare few designs that featured pink and black colors. Most other cupcake boxes typically only has one of the colors.

Pure black cupcake boxes

Black dot cupcake boxes

If you want a pure black color design, this model from will be the thing that you are looking for. Its unique feature is the lovely design that can be seen from the side of the boxes. It i s hard to tell if the holes are filled with transparent paper. If it is, this will be great as people can see the cupcake frosting even if it is completed wrapped up in this box.


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