Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine Review


Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine, White, like all computerized sewing machines, is equipped with microprocessor`s control. This class sewing machines easily perform decorative and finishing lines with elements of embroidery, along with the usual working lines, which can be combined to create your own songs. All operations are incorporated in a chip, and their number varies.

The microprocessor controls the movement of the needle relative to the tissue. This principle of governance removes restrictions from the complexity and number of running stitches. All sewing operations are stored in the machine’s memory, one can select and configure the desired sewing operation by using the electronic board. Background information and prompts are displayed. Some parameters sewing electronics are adjusted automatically, and all seams are usually programmed for optimal parameters (which, however, you can always easily change) .

Typically, there is an extended set of types of loops, special stitch knitwear, many decorative stitches in such models. Machines of this class are more functional in comparison with the best  electromechanical machines. Built-in computer board allows you to control the unit by simply pressing a key. Besides normal business lines, there is a large variety of finishing decorative stitches with embroidery. They can be combined and create your own compositions to decorate clothes. The program remembers and reproduces them on your demand. Usually alphabet and numbers are presented in this class of machines. As a rule, several kinds of loops are performed automatically.

Almost all computerized sewing machines have a display. It may be small information display, which displays only the number (or the number and basic parameters) of the selected sewing operation.

The next option is that a display shows additional basic background information, such as recommendations regarding the needle and stitch settings for the type of fabric. All directions are for a standard type of fabric.

Advanced computerized, one-step, push button, fully automatic sewing machine with innovative features including drop & sew bobbin system is a highly specified but very simple machine to express your style creatively, completely and confidently. The highest reliability! The sewing light is good (2 StayBright LED lights). The automatic needle threader is brilliant. There are plenty of stitch choices (225 built in stitches with alphabet stitch, 7 one-step buttonholes and one-touch stitch selection). It also has 20 characters memory capability.

You always have optimum power control for accurate sewing when using this Singer 7470, even when handling multiple layers of heavy fabrics. The spacious, ergonomic work surface is ideal for bulky sewing projects and instantly converts into an extra-slim free arm for small, tubular sewing jobs. Set the stitch tension dial to AUTO and start sewing. Its easy to follow stitch selection and adjustments for width and length of stitch. The illuminated vide LCD display shows the stitch selected, stitch settings and all your creative adjustments. You can create and remember not only the sequence of performed operations, but also their own lines. You can also read the detailed advices about the implementation of a particular sewing operation. There are certainly a few “hot” keys on the panel, such as thread trimming, reverse, automatic back tack and most commonly used operations. Stitch width is adjustable up to 7mm wide, quick reverse stitching button is at hand, also the built-in needle threader is easy accessible thanks to the angular front cover making the needle bar area clearly visible while stitching. There are also free arm with built in accessory storage, 5 presser feet, needles, bobbins, seam ripper, dust cover. In fact it is a high end machine at a mid range price. You can compare it with others presented at this site.


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