Sigg Water Bottle for Kids


Reviews, Recall & Sigg Water Bottles Safety Concerns

The stylish appearance of the Sigg water bottle for kids is known around the world.


As one of the most distinctive brands on the market today, Sigg bottles have a great reputation for quality and style.

About Sigg Bottle History and How It Originated:

Consumers may not know it, but Sigg has been in business for over 100 years. They were producing reusable water bottles long before anyone else even had the idea to do so.

The design of the product has achieved world-wide recognition was added to the New York Museum of Art.

Sigg Water Bottle Products Review

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 and how Sigg compares to Nalgene

The vast majority of containers manufactured by this company are made of aluminum.

This allows the company to incorporate some of the finest paints and finishes found on this type of product and is what gives Sigg bottles their distinctive look.

For those who need large amounts of personal fluids, the company offers one of the heftiest products available, capable of holding up to fifty ounces. These units fall under the Sigg Classic Travelers line.

Sigg also includes a variety of other sizes to fit any need.

Of particular interest to many parents is the Sigg children’s line. These water bottles are well-made and contain no toxic components. They are available in huge variety of themes and colors. This line holds up to .3 Liter (10 ounces) of refreshing liquid for the little ones.

For general purpose, the 0.75 Liter (24 oz) sports bottle may be the answer. This product line offers a grip that is easy to hold onto, even when wet. The large mouth allows ice cubes to be put into the container and makes cleaning the units a snap.

All Sigg products can be fitted with different types of screw tops to give them even more versatility and functionality.

Sigg Bottle Accessories


The company offers a variety of water bottle accessories. Some of the most popular are the very practical grips that can be placed on children’s bottles. This helps to prevent accidental loss and makes holding onto the unit easier for smaller hands.

Mud caps are another popular device that consumers may want to look into especially for those who hike or are in muddy environments.

Sports tops are also available for most of the product line above the child’s level.

Sigg also offers cleaning kits and screw tops, both of which can be very handy.

Two items that consumers may have problems or hard time finding are the Sigg bottle bandit and the Sigg 40 oz water bottle. The 40 oz bottle is now replaced by the larger Sigg 50 oz water bottle. The bandit is no longer in stock.

Update on Sigg Water Bottle Recall

Sigg water bottles sold before August 2008 were made using an epoxy lining that contained BPA. The company offered to replace those old units with new ones that do not contain BPA.

As these pre-2008 units are returned this issue should begin to diminish. Consumers should be cautious, however, if buying used units through outlets such as eBay or buying from outlets that sell older, discontinued merchandise.

Reports on Sigg Water Bottles Allergies

While the BPA issue has been resolved, there are still some reports of people having allergic reactions when using the units. For the most part, Sigg recalls on allergies are linked to those who are allergic to certain minerals such as nickel.

Consumers with allergies should visit the company’s parent site for a full review of what minerals are used in the production of the various products.

Benefits of Buying Sigg Bottles

  • There is little debate that this company produces some of the most attractive designs on the market today.
  • For those who want a stylish bottle, it would be hard to beat what Sigg has to offer.
  • In terms of selection, the company offers virtually any type of water bottle one can imagine. From smaller units suitable for children to large units capable of holding up fifty ounces of liquid, they have it all.
  • Their products are 100% recyclable.
  • Dishwasher safe, but is recommended to wash by hand with liquid soap.

Minor Downsides

  • As for disadvantage, the units can be expensive when compared to other brands. Price, however, can be offset by the quality of the units, which can last for decades if maintained properly.
  • The problems with the past Sigg water bottle recalls may also put some people off, especially for those who have allergies to certain minerals and metals.
  • Hard to see how much water is left in the bottle.


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